Liam Gallagher Vows to 'Ban' Government If He Becomes Prime Minister

The 49-year-old Oasis legend also says that he will let people use their 'common f**king sense' when claiming that he'd do a better job than current Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

AceShowbiz - Liam Gallagher has shared his thoughts about politics. The Oasis legend said that he would "ban all governments" and let people use "common f**king sense" if he became Prime Minister.

The 49-year-old musician has claimed he would do a better job in Downing Street than current PM Boris Johnson, and he already has some plans to overhaul the system if he ever did go into politics. He told LadBible, "Anyone would do a better job than the dude that's in there now."

"Well, I'm not getting political and that, but voting for governments, just... I would, if I was Prime Minister, ban all governments and just let people use their common f**king sense," Liam slammed the Prime Minister. "Know what I mean? We don't need governments telling us what to do."

Liam is a huge Manchester City fan, and he had some other laws in mind for fans of rival football clubs, including Liverpool and Manchester United supporters. He quipped, "I'd have to just put a law in and tape Scousers' mouths, just like that. And then I'd also write 'champions' across… And what else would there be? And then Man United fans followed quickly second in that."

The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker also admitted he isn't bothered by repeated questions about a potential Oasis reunion, even if his long-time row with brother Noel Gallagher makes it unlikely. He said, "See, I don't mind getting asked that, 'cos it's natural. You know what I mean? I like talking about Oasis 'cos it's the best band in the world. What, getting back together? Not this week. But I mean, I'm ready to go. My bags are packed. Maybe the week after."

One thing the brothers might be able to agree on is Boris Johnson, as Noel previously blasted Labor as opposition to the Conservatives, and described the Tory Prime Minister's victory in the 2019 General Election as a damning indictment of the opposing party.

Back in December 2021, he said, "He is the symbol of how f**king disgraceful the Labor Party are. If that man and this Conservative party won a landslide against the Labor Party then what are we saying about the f**king Labor Party. A f**king disgrace."

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