Solange's Son Julez Mocked After Sharing Snippet of His Music

Attempting to show off his rapping skills, the 17-year-old nephew of Beyonce is trolled over his mediocre music despite musical talent that runs in his family.

AceShowbiz - Solange Knowles' son Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., better known simply as Julez, is seemingly keen on following the footsteps of his famous mom and auntie Beyonce Knowles and taking the music route. On Saturday, June 4, the teen appeared to attempt to start his career in the industry by sharing snippet of his music, only to get mocked by social media users.

In a clip he posted on his TikTok account, Julez is seen sitting in what looks like a studio. Wearing a pair of sunglasses and an Homme hoodie, he rapped over the beats, "I had to pack that heat/ She kept showing all the signs, but kept disturbing all my peace/ I'm trying to feed the game to n***as, but they always think it's sweet/ Just like Future said a while ago, the feds just did a sweep/ F**k the London drip, we gone get our clothes shipped out from Greece."

After hearing Julez's music, many were put off by his arguably mediocre music. "He has too many resources for his music to be sounding like that," one person opined. "It's a hard NO for me," another reacted to the teaser of the 17-year-old's music.

Some others suggested Jay-Z, Beyonce's husband, take Julez under his wings, writing comments like "Jay-Z come get yo nephew" and "Uncle Jay !!! Come help your nephew." A fifth user claimed, "Blue ivy could do better."

"She HAS to be embarrassed cause wtf," another trolled Julez, whom Solange shares with her first husband Daniel Smith. Another said, "Sounds like the musical talent skipped a generation. With all respect of course."

Other advised Julez to do something else than music, with one saying, "Go to college and leave the music alone..." Another wrote, "You can literally just be related to Beyonce. & Solange son. Because this ain't it." Someone else commented, "He is the clown of the family honestly."

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