Stephanie Beatriz Sings Her Lines in a Track for 'Encanto' Between Contractions

The actress, who voices Mirabel in the animated Disney movie, reveals that she was in labor while recording 'Waiting on a Miracle' and that she didn't tell anyone as the contractions 'were very far apart' but it happened.

AceShowbiz - Stephanie Beatriz has revealed the drama happened when she recorded a track for her movie "Encanto". In a new interview, the actress portraying Mirabel in the animated Disney movie was in labor while recording a track for the film and was singing her lines in between contractions.

The actress was pregnant with her daughter Rosaline when she voiced Mirabel in the film and continued with a planned studio session for the song "Waiting On A Miracle" despite going into labor. Speaking on the new Disney Podcast "Journey to the Magic" hosted by Giovanna Fletcher, she explained, "I was in early labor, but I didn't tell anyone because the contractions were very far apart. But they were happening."

"I was also getting checked out all the time," Stephanie further shared. "My doctor was all over it, because I'm a little bit older and she was all over the pregnancy making sure I was going in for checks and everything."

Stephanie admitted carrying on with work helped her conquer her anxiety about becoming a first-time mum. She added, "If anything could have taken me out of the fear of having my first kid it was focusing on this job that I love to do. I love to work so much, I love telling stories and I don't want that amazing part of myself to be sacrificed when it didn't need to be."

However, the actress insisted she would have stepped away if she was having difficulties as saying, "I know my own limits, and if I had said like I can't breathe or I can't do this or whatever and if I had been having contraction after contraction, I would sure as heck not do it." She added, "There were a couple of times, when we were in that booth where I was like I'm just going to look like I'm thinking about this for a while, while I feel my way through what's happening with my body. All right let's go!"

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