Joe Budden Wonders Why CyHi the Prynce Disses Him in New 'Sway's Universe' Freestyle

The rapper-turned-podcaster and the 'Dat Side' spitter have been beefing for a few years with the podcast host mocking the latter for riding Kanye West's coattails.

AceShowbiz - Joe Budden has been left baffled by CyHi the Prynce's recent diss. The rapper-turned-podcaster, who traded shots with "Dat Side" spitter in the past, wondered why the latter wanted to reignite their feud by name-dropping him in his new "Sway's Universe" freestyle.

"Joe Budden, why you got so much hate in your heart/ You gon' f**k around and make hating an art," the emcee, born Cydel Charles Young, raps in the since-deleted freestyle. "I don't see much time I could waste on that mark/ And please say the remarks."

Budden, who is currently enjoying a trip with his new girlfriend on a tropical island, later turned to Twitter to respond to the jab. "Why is Cyhi doing that to my name while I'm on vacation? That's not nice," he asked, before adding in a separate tweet, "& w that nasty a** bar too….. you lot so lucky lol."

CyHi then fired back, "You're lucky they f**ked my vocals up lol up but you are a hater!!!" He further stressed, "Cause One day you champion a n***a then you turn around and say some weird s**t. So you use my name for views so I just returned the favor!!"

Sway Calloway, meanwhile, explained why the freestyle has been removed. "Peace. To those asking. I decided to take down the @CyhiOfficial Freestyle down because of tech issues that interferes with his performance. It's rare when it happens & I continue to learn from it when it does. He's a DOPE MC! We aim to preserve the integrity @SwaysUniverse," he penned.

CyHi and Joe have been feuding for years as "The Joe Budden Podcast" host mocked the former for riding Kanye West's coattails. He also made fun of his nemesis for hyping up Ye's G.O.O.D. Music roll-out despite not being a part of it.

In 2018, CyHi challenged Joe for a $500,000 rap battle. In response, Joe angrily said, "CyHi don't want no f**king Joe Budden smoke. When Joe get some time and if he put a record out, that would be the end of him... This podcast will take a two-month break and I will put CyHi's a** in the ground off of retirement."

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