D.L. Hughley Calls Cap on Mo'Nique's Claims Over Their Contract Dispute

After the 'Precious' star shares her 'performance agreement' to prove that she's booked as the headliner of a show in Detroit, the 'DWTS' alum questions her contract from her own company.

AceShowbiz - D.L. Hughley and Mo'Nique have been involved in a heated back-and-forth on social media over a contract dispute. The two stars have come up with their own receipts after the actress claimed that she, instead of D.L., was booked as a headliner for a show in Detroit.

It all began as Mo'Nique spent time onstage at the Comedy Explosion over the weekend taking several digs at D.L. over the contract dispute. "That's what the mother**king contract says…Mo'Nique is to be the last mother**king person on the got damn stage. She is the headliner. That's what I signed the contract for," she told the crowd.

Begging to differ, D.L. took to Instagram to allege that she's "the problem." He wrote on Sunday, May 29 along with a picture of the Oscar-winning actress, "All you have to do is check the order of names on the ticket stub from last night and you'll see who's confused. Against my better judgment, over the objections of my team and 4 other occasions where I said NO, I decided to take a chance and work with Monique."

"Oprah was the problem, Tyler Perry was the problem, Charlamagne was the problem, Steve Harvey was the problem, Lee Daniels was the problem, Netflix was the problem… Now it's MY turn. At some point it can't be everyone else, IT'S YOU!!" he added. "Lesson learned. I didn't have anything personal against Monique… People paid a lot of money to laugh, not hear about your contract. Apparently, the role you played in PRECIOUS turned out to be an autobiography. I wonder who's next…"

Mo'Nique responded by asking D.L. to prove his claims by showing his contract, believing that he didn't have one. After D.L. tried to back up his claims by showing his deal memo on Monday, the "Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire" star once again disputed his claims by showing her "performance agreement."

"There were some of you who were fooled by the smoke and mirrors of D.L. posting his Deal Memo versus his 'Performance Agreement'. Here is my Performance Agreement and here are emails and texts confirming that as per usual I'm going to always keep it real and honest with my people," she argued. "If you notice mine has signatures and D.L. does not. What type of iron-clad agreement doesn't have the signatures of the participants involved? Apparently D.L's. Lol!"

"Now, you told me to check with my management and this is what I came up with, so how'd I do?" the "Bessie" star continued. "Perhaps you should have taken your own advice because I'm sure your team would have advised you against trying to pass a deal memo off as a contract."

"To those out there who thought a deal memo was the same as a performance agreement (especially some of the comedians) this is how we're constantly taken advantage of by the business," she further pointed out. "And, just so you know, the promoter already told my team before the show that you didn't have a signed agreement, that's why I'm not surprised you're using a deal memo. That said, maybe they lied and you actually have a contract."

"If so, the promoters have put themselves in a terrible position to have more legal action taken against them, beyond malicious concealment for breaking the contract at the last second," she warned, before asking D.L. to show "your signed agreement."

Laughing off her claims, D.L. reposted an image of his deal memo and Mo'Nique's performance agreement and pointed out that his was sealed on May 29, one day after she signed hers. "I know exaaaactly what a real contract looks like… Mine was fulfilled Saturday night… How about yours?" he taunted her.

D.L. didn't stop there as he appeared to insinuate that her contract wasn't valid. "MAAAAAN… HICK'S MEDIA INC?? HOLD UP!! THAT'S YOU!!! YOU REALLLY SHOWING EVERYONE A CONTRACT YOU SUBMITTED FROM YOUR OWN COMPANY I SMELL BULLS**T AND I WOULDN'T PICK IT UP WITH THE OLD A** BIRTH CERTIFICATE PAPER IT WAS WRITTEN ON!! STOP THE [a cap emoji]!!" he wrote on his Instagram post.

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