Azealia Banks Defends Cara Delevingne Against Troll Saying She's Obsessed With Megan Thee Stallion

When showing support for the English model/actress, the '212' raptress calls out the former's older sister Poppy Delevingne for allegedly making her pal 'feel sad and lonely.'

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks has come to Cara Delevingne's defense amid online backlash. When addressing chatters about the model's act towards Megan Thee Stallion at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, the "212" raptress made it clear that the "Suicide Squad" actress is not obsessed with the "WAP" hitmaker.

"Cara doesn't have an obsession with with black women," the 30-year-old declared on Twitter. "It's that upper crust English society full of fake white and jealous white h*es who were never as charismatic as she is that made fake friendships, tried sabotaging her every which way she moved and the intense jealousy."

Azealia went on to rip Cara's older sister, Poppy Delevingne. "Of her older and extremely plain looking sister poppy that always made Cara feel sad and lonely. Poppy would always say mad back handed slick s**t and tell Cara's business to people in the industry and I always remember Cara literally traveling the world completely alone 4 years," she alleged.

"Everyone always wanted to use Cara for what they could get from her, and luckily for her - none of them got anything substantial," the Harlem femcee continued arguing. "deep down I could tell she was (like me) so used to being told ur a bad person that she began to believe those things about her self and go out of her."

"Way to please people who saw her as an easy route to some fashion/British society clout… all of which they fumbled in the grand scheme of things," she concluded. "Cara and I just did normal stuff like dress up like mermaids, smoke spliffs and take naps. That's my girl thru and thru."

Cara drew criticism earlier this month because she always followed Megan around at the 2022 BBMAs. The "Paper Towns" star even help throw the Grammy winner's dress' train multiple times when the latter posed on the red carpet. She also sit next to the Houston musician inside Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena.

It was unclear how Megan felt about being stalked around by Cara. However, after Megan shared a photo with Doja Cat with the model being cropped out, fans assumed that she was annoyed by the catwalk beauty's presence.

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