JT Reacts to Her Wardrobe Malfunction at Billboard Music Awards: 'RELAX'

The 'Ex for a Reason' raptress, who dons a silver gown with a high split, offers more than she bargains for as her underwear is exposed on live TV at one point when she and Young Miami are on stage to present an award.

AceShowbiz - JT of City Girls has reacted to her viral moment at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. The one half of the rap duo took to Twitter after she suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction while presenting an award at the star-studded event which took place on Sunday night, May 15 in Las Vegas.

The hip-hop star shut down a fan who blasted her over the mishap, which saw her accidentally revealing her underwear. "Why nobody told @ThegirlJT to put her kitty away," the fan wrote in a now-deleted tweet. Firing back at the person, JT replied, "I have on black Panties RELAX."

For the award-giving event, the "Ex for a Reason" raptress donned a silver gown with a high split, while her groupmate Yung Miami looked equally stunning in an orange dress that also featured a high split. Unfortunately for JT, she offered more than she bargained for as her underwear was exposed on live TV at one point when the two were on stage.

Fans were quick to notice the mishap and took to Twitter to express their views on the situation. "Talk about a wardrobe malfunction. JT dress is too short and it's showing her that's not completely covered by her undies," one Twitter user tweeted. "Damn JT's wardrobe malfunction lowkey the worse. wearing mini anything would've made me constantly pull it down," someone else added. "JT's coochie lips were showing on live TV. Yikes! Talk 'bout wardrobe malfunction," another comment read.

"I love the city girls and I love JT more and her stylist need to respectfully go to hell for that f***ing dress because you can literally see up under it. All the silver was so beautiful but her vagina almost hanging out that's not cute," one other user blamed JT's stylist. Another fan wrote, "Nah JT stylist should've made her dress a lil bit longer cause wtf #BBMAs."

Meanwhile, some people criticized those who reposted the zoomed-in pictures of JT's wardrobe mishap. "the people reposting zoomed in pictures of JT's wardrobe malfunction are weird af. Just like the person that took the picture of [Jesse Williams] naked on Broadway," one person said. Another user suggested people to just move on and not blow it out of proportion as tweeting, "Ok JT had a slight wardrobe malfunction life goes on y'all can stop posting it now."

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