Diane Keaton Mistakes Reese Witherspoon's 'Gorgeous' Son for Leonardo DiCaprio

During her appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', the 'Book Club' actress recalls how she had a great time recently filming Justin Bieber's 'Ghost' music video.

AceShowbiz - Diane Keaton thinks Reese Witherspoon's 18-year-old son is "gorgeous." The "Book Club" star recently mistook a photo of Deacon Phillippe, whose father is the "Legally Blonde" actress' ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, for one of the young Leonardo DiCaprio but despite the confusion, she stands by her initial assertion that he's very attractive.

After talk show host Ellen DeGeneres pointed out her gaffe, Diane replied, "Oh I made that mistake, whoops, but look at him. That's gorgeous. How old is he now?" Ellen quipped: "Too young for you, he's a child, look at him." The 76-year-old actress replied, "Maybe he'd like to know me. No, no, no... Shall I leave?"

Deacon isn't the only young man to have caught Diane's eye as she's known to be a fan of Justin Bieber and had a great time recently filming the "gorgeous and genius" star's ''Ghost' music video. She revealed, "So much fun, you guys. No, he’s a great man. Young man! Gorgeous and genius."

"It was one of the most pleasant experiences of my life," she added. "I loved it. He's adorable, he's the greatest guy. Special, sweet."

While Diane insisted she isn't dating at the moment, she suggested she's previously dated a 20 year old. She said, "The youngest age of a man I've gone out with? I don't go out. Let's pretend I have. Probably someone like 20. Not recently! I haven't been out."

The "[mPoms]" actress, who has two adopted children, Dexter, 27, and Duke, 22, has previously dated the likes of Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Al Pacino but never married and doesn't regret the fact she didn't. She previously shared, "I think I'm the only one in my generation and maybe before who has been a single woman all her life."

"[I'm not sad] because I think that I needed more of a maternal aspect. I don't think it would have been a good idea for me to have married, and I'm really glad I didn't, and I'm sure they're happy about it, too," the actress added.

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