Kodak Black's Producer Accuses Latto of Trying to 'Assassinate' the Rapper With Her Recent Claim

Dyryk urges the female rapper to 'stop tryna pull this fictitious fueled empathy card for sales' by claiming her male collaborators gave her a 'difficult' time in clearing her new album.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black's producer went on a rant against Latto (Mulatto). After the femcee claimed a male rapper gave her a "difficult" time in clearing her new album, "777", Dyryk accused her of trying to "assassinate" the "ZEZE" spitter.

Dyryk publicly called out Latto on Thursday, March 24. Taking to his Instagram Story, he argued, "Let me fill you in on what this bulls**t with @latto777 is all about. She asked for a feature a while back. We charged her our normal rate and she wanted a swap."

"Since her verse won't really do anything for us, we asked for a swap for our female artist and charged her substantially less. She declined and said she was going to not use the record," he added. "Out of the blue she decided to accept a higher fee and still not offer a swap for our artist."

Talk about empowering fellow female rapper. Now she's on some bulls**t that she was made uncomfortable And holding up your album? I know you're not talking about us. You were on your diva s**t when no one is getting in the car playing your records," Dyryk continued fuming. "You're whole album had legal issues (I'm on the email chain) stop tryna pull this fictitious fueled empathy card for sales."

Dyryk concluded his post by writing, "You try to Assassinate my brothers character, I'm gonna destroy yours." In another snap, he noted, "And Thats why she won't say a name. She's full of s**t. She knows if she keeps things general and up for assumption she's gonna get her pity party."

When speaking to "Big Boy's Neighborhood" radio show, Latto dissed her male collaborators because "it's been difficult to deal with these men... They don't know how to keep it business." She further explained, "I'm just keeping it 100. It's a feature on my album that it was difficult to clear, and they like trying to drop their nuts on me because I won't respond to a DM."

The "B***h From Da Souf" raptress didn't drop a name in the interview. However, fans have since speculated that she was talking about Kodak. It prompted him to set the record straight on Twitter, saying, "That Mulatto Girl IS NOT Talkin Bout Me Homie. I See Y'all Steady Reachin Lol… Shawty Ain't Even Say A N***a Name On Dat S**t. Ion Know Why Tf Y'all Tryna Make A N***a Wear Dat Jacket. I'm Too Fly Fa Dat S**t Homie."

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