D.L. Hughley Denies Calling Security on Theophilus London During Feud Over Kanye West

It remains to be seen which version of the story is true, but many have since slammed the rapper for his action with many accusing him of 'clout chasing.'

AceShowbiz - D.L. Hughley shared his own version of his run-in with Theophilus London after the latter confronted him over his comments on Kanye West. While London claimed that Hughley called security during the confrontation, the comedian claimed it never happened.

Hughley allegedly claimed that they didn't have any serious confrontation unlike what London implied in his posts. According to VladTV, they only had a brief exchange of words as London demanded Hughley to apologize to West for his remarks.

The comedian claimed that he was having dinner at Nobu with his family when he noticed London kept walking past his table. When he went to the bathroom, he said that he saw London taking selfies in the mirror. London later said, "What's up OG?" before bringing up Hughley's feud with West.

London told him that he needed to "make it right" with the Yeezy designer, to which Hughley responded, "[West] needs to make it right!" Despite that, Hughley insisted that the conversation was very brief. He also said that it was the restaurant's security who intervened, not his own.

The clarification arrived after London took to Instagram to claim that Hughley called security after being confronted by him. "I told him to apologize on camera for doing that dumb Vlad interview and his people called security," he wrote on Instagram Stories.

"I pressed this n***a @realdlhughley," London added, before taking aim at one of the Kings of Comedy by saying, "Kings of who?" In another post, London was seen being pushed by security. "I'm a good boy and peace maker tho. Just came to ball on some fish," he wrote over the clip.

It remains to be seen which version of the story is true, but many have since slammed London for his action. "Uhhh is this supposed to be a flex?? Cause no," an Instagram user commented. "Clout chasing at its finest," another person wrote.

"This is corny. And pointless cause we don't even see what happened," said someone else. Another comment simply read, "That was lame."

Meanwhile, Hughley and West's feud started after the former said that he'd had enough of West's behavior and that he's stalking Kim Kardashian in an interview with DJ Vlad earlier this month. In response to that, Ye threatened to pay someone to hurt the comedian, who further taunted Ye in his reply.

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