D.L. Hughley Slams King Harris' 'Insulting' Behavior After Fighting With T.I. and Tiny Harris

The former 'The Hughleys' star calls out the rapper's son for trashing his parents' memory and accomplishment for clout, insisting that the teen is only famous because his father is.

AceShowbiz - D.L. Hughley has given his two cents on T.I.'s latest family drama. Claiming to have known the Harris family "for a long time," the comedian has nothing but praises for the couple and solely blames King Harris for his "insulting behavior."

On Monday, November 27, D.L. was asked his opinion on the matter when met by TMZ at LAX. "I've known T.I. and Tiny for a long time, and I watched how hard they worked, and I watched how they value their family," he began, noting that he saw the video of the altercation. "And to have somebody that you worked so far and sacrificed for to s**t all over your memory and your accomplishment for clicks, it's insulting."

"When we grew up, we were poor," the 60-year-old admitted, before adding, "But you don't want your children to grow up in the same [circumstances]. No parent would want their children to have as hard as they did."

"He's insulting the effort they put into raising him...just for clicks, for what," D.L. continued to weigh in, before claiming, "You're famous 'cuz your daddy famous. You grew up in a reality show, the only roaches he knew were paid actors."

When asked how he raised his children, D.L. said that his kids "won't talk like that." Although he admitted there were moments when he thought that his children didn't sufficiently appreciate what he has done for them, the father of three believes that his kids, who are much older than King, realize how "silly" what King was doing.

Also weighing in on King's recent fight with his parents was Charleston White. The controversial YouTube star, who previously had an online back-and-forth with the teen and his father, blamed the rapper for not disciplining his kid. "If T.I. would've kicked that boy a**, he wouldn't have had to jack him up today," he opined in a video posted on social media.

King got involved in a heated argument that turned physical with his parents at the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game on Sunday. At first, things seemed to be all fun as the teen filmed it on livestream before he was roasted for going to his grandma's house.

"They try to say I was there trying to suck a paci but they ain't going to tell you everything like that. They trying to hide it. He cappin', he cappin'. You want to hide it for the world? I'mma put it out there for them to see. Hey man I ain't s**t!" King said after his mother joined in the roast.

As things got heated, King appeared to confront his mother Tiny Harris a.k.a. Tameka Cottle, who claimed that it was a joke. "I know you though! You know me. What's wrong with y'all. Why y'all doing that to me? You know I stay on business. Don't give a f**k who you are. Why did you let somebody play me like that? Why did you let him play me like that? Ain't no jokin! What you mean?" the teen screamed.

T.I. then stepped in to stop his son. "You are embarrassing yourself and your family! You are embarrassing yourself!" the actor/rapper told King. The camera started shaking as it seemed that Tip got his kid in a headlock. King shouted, "Get off me n***a," to which his father replied, "You can't do nothing with me! There ain't s**t you can do with me!"

Following the altercation, King shared a series of cryptic messages on his Stories. "I stand on BUSINESS. DON'T GIVE A F**K WHO U ARE," he wrote. He added, "IDGAF u are MF can't play wit me n my face not goin for da Im a grown a** man now [sic]."

King has also dedicated a song to his grandma following the fight. "As long as you stay by my side @diannecottlepope love you," he captioned a post featuring a throwback picture of him as a baby with his grandmother along with the new track titled "Grandma Boy".

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