Bomb Threat Causes Katt Williams to Abruptly End Comedy Show

Audiences at the comedian's show at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium have to be evacuated 10 minutes before the end of his set because of the bomb scare, the venue says.

AceShowbiz - Katt Williams' latest comedy show was cut short due to a bomb threat. Audiences at the comedian's Nashville show on Saturday, March 12 had to be evacuated 10 minutes before his set was due to end because of the bomb scare, the Nashville Municipal Auditorium has confirmed.

"On the evening of March 12, comedian Katt Williams had to abruptly end his show at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville 10 minutes before the end of his set due to a bomb threat," read a statement issued via the venue's official website.

According to the venue, "Williams made the decision not to notify attendees of the bomb scare to avoid panic and possible injury." It added, "The building was successfully cleared by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department without incident."

"Due to an ongoing investigation, specific details regarding the threat are not being released at this time," the venue declared. The bomb threat was received via telephone at 10:36 P.M., Nashville police spokesperson Don Aaron told CNN. The call was believed to have come from out of state. Police combed the venue, but found nothing. There are no suspects in custody at this time.

Local security consultant told News 2 JC Shegog that Katt made the right call by not telling the crowd about the bomb threat. "When the crowd becomes scared, if you tell them certain information that will arouse their fear then there is no order," he explained. "It's 'me,' self-preservation, I'm going to get out of here as quick as I can and I'm going to run over whoever I can in the process."

Katt was in Nashville as part of his "World War III" comedy tour. He has not made a statement regarding the incident.

This isn't the first time Katt has put the safety of his fans first. Back in November 2021, he paused his performance in Louisville, Kentucky when one of his fans passed out. According to TMZ, the 50-year-old comic was performing at the KFC Yum! Center when someone in the crowd suddenly screamed, "Stop the show!" as one person lost consciousness. He then halted his set for 10 minutes as medical workers helped the individual.

"I'm sorry if I won't move on, but that s**t that happened at - that Astroworld s**t - I mean, we can never continue til' we know somebody is motherf**king good," the funnyman told the audience, citing Travis Scott (II)'s disastrous Astroworld Festival. "I'm not goin' to be leaving with that on my conscious."

The "School Dance" actor then told the crowd, "I may be selfish, but if I fall out of my chair, ain't nobody better not tell another joke til' I get on the f**king stretcher and s**t, b***h." He was reportedly applauded by the crowd for his decision.

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