Megan Thee Stallion Defends Dark Symbolism in 'Sweetest Pie' Music Video After Fans Get 'Scared'

Discussing the dark imagery in the clip for her collaboration with Dua Lipa, the 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker reveals that she does that because she 'loves' horror films and its aesthetics.

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion has explained why she used dark imagery in her newly released music video for her collaboration with Dua Lipa, "Sweetest Pie". Taking to social media, the Houston femcee defended the symbolism.

"I see that the #SweetestPie video scared some people or creeped them out a lil bit… lol MISSION ACCOMPLISHED [laughing with tears]," the "Hot Girl Summer" hitmaker tweeted on Friday, March 11, hours after the music video was released. "How many times do I have to say i love horror films/ aesthetics," she added.

In a following Twitter post, Megan further explained that "the symbolism of the video was how when men come for me I eat they a** up every time." The "Savage" rapper continued, "And even when y'all go on y'all's witch hunts attacking women for whatever reasons y'all make up we still rise from the ashes stronger than ever," adding a black heart emoji.

Megan Thee Stallion via Twitter

Megan Thee Stallion explained dark imagery used in 'Sweetest Pie' music video.

Megan, who created the concept of the music video, described the idea of the visual as a "horror twist on things that are typically meant to be pretty." In the clip, which was directed by Dave Meyers, she and Dua wear sexy black ensembles.

Megan wears a plunging black leather gown while Dua rocks a gold embroidered black dress. At one moment, Megan dances around in a strapless gold bejeweled bodysuit with a thong cut. Some scenes also see Megan twerking topless in a green silk skirt.

In the clip, Dua can be heard singing, "You've never been to heaven, have you?/ Ooh it's the ride of your life/ Hold on cause baby I might/ I might just give you a bite of the sweetest pie." She continues to croon, "Ooh baby, we can go fast/ I'll drive and you just lay back/ I've got the flavor to last," as the camera pans to a group of men making their way to where Megan and Dua are.

"Baby I' the sweetest/ P***y is the meanest/ Hot girl s**t, but I'm cold every season/ Booty like a pillow, he can use it while he's sleeping," Megan raps. She continues, "Real hot girl s**t/ Me and Dua Lipa finna get the party lit."

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