In a new interview, the 'Wipe Me Down' rapper goes off on DJ Vlad for saying he's a little bit disappointed that the pair did not get married first before she got pregnant.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) continues to be a loyal fan of Rihanna, though he has long lost his chance to be her special someone. The rapper, who has shot his shot with the currently pregnant singer several times in the past, has defended her and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky for having a baby before marriage.

In a new interview, Boosie went off on DJ Vlad when the latter said he was disappointed a bit that Rihanna didn't get married first before getting pregnant and compared her to her "peers" such as Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles. "F**k all that, it's what makes you happy," Boosie told DJ Vlad. "Nobody don't give a f**k about peers. She's a billionaire, what she got to follow somebody else drip f**k?"

The father of eight thinks that Rih doesn't need to succumb to that pressure, saying, "She know what she f**king doing. Everybody ain't got to be mother**king and jump in marriages and steal your mother**king sneaking geek."

When DJ Vlad informed him that Rih and A$AP Rocky reportedly plan to get married after their baby is born, Boosie responded, "Okay, well, that's what they gonna do." He went on ranting, "But you can't judge her for not being married. Like bro, people f**king. If a baby come, the baby's coming."

While he wouldn't say no if Rihanna asked him to marry her before announcing her pregnancy, the 39-year-old added, "But that doesn't have to go if that doesn't have to go like that. They have a mutual understanding. Everybody not for fake a** marriages." He further stressed, "Everybody's not for it. If they won't do it, they can do it. But they don't have to do it when the world says it."

In the interview, Boosie also revisited the time he told A$AP Rocky to get Rihanna pregnant last year. The Baton Rogue native admitted he's received tons of DMs since news of her pregnancy broke. "I'm happy for Rihanna," he shared.

He went on addressing the criticism he received for suggesting A$AP Rocky to get Rih pregnant. "They have a baby. You know this is…it's beautiful to everybody and to me too, to the world," he said, before telling his critics to "leave me alone damn bro. That dude has a woman. Damn man."

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