Deelishis Claps Back at Trolls Calling Her a 'Gold Digger' Amid Raymond Santana Divorce

The former 'Flavor of Love' star, who previously described her estranged husband as a 'narcissist,' makes it clear that she was not the one who decided to end their marriage.

AceShowbiz - Deelishis won't let anyone say negative things about her. Having been dubbed a "gold digger" amid her divorce from Raymond Santana, the model was quick to clap back at the critics.

"He isnt broke & he left me, not the other way around. So please find a different narrative," the 44-year-old penned on Instagram Story on Thursday, March 3. "Gold Digger doesn't apply in this case."

"I had my own when I met him and I'll continue having my own now that he's gone," the former "Flavor of Love" star went on explaining. "Signed. 'Platinum Digger D.' "

Deelishis announced her split from Raymond on Tuesday. Posting an Instagram picture of herself, she wrote, "I married a narcissist who is a COMPLETE liar and a cheat and I'm finally ready to speak my truth... stay tuned. #GlovesOff."

The reality star, however, later changed the caption of the snap. It read, "Today I appear to be by myself, but I'm not ALONE [praying hands emoji][red heart emoji] !! #InGodsTiming #JustLONDON."

Shortly after Deelishis shared the post, news about Raymond filing for a divorce from her made media headlines. In the court documents, he stated that their marriage is "irretrievably broken." He also hopes for no reconciliation.

The news led fans to show support to Deelishis. When responding to a DM from one of her followers, she pointed out, "I never be misunderstood but this isn't just happening to me..."

"I pray for all women & children who suffer from not understanding how to help themselves or their love one who suffers from childhood trauma !!" she continued. "I didnt leave him. I stuck it out, he left us."

Deelishis and Raymond first met through Instagram in late 2019. The now-estranged couple got engaged in December that year before tying the knot six months later in June 2020. Unfortunately, they decided to part ways in November 2021.

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