Pooh Shiesty Denies Snitching Allegations

Making use of his Instagram account, the Memphis rapper shuts down the snitching claims againts him which Wack 100 made during a Clubhouse session last week.

AceShowbiz - Pooh Shiesty has reacted to Wack 100 accusing him of being "a snitch." Over the weekend, Pooh took to Instagram Stories to shut down the claims which were made during a Clubhouse session last week.

" 'Omerte.' It will never show in no paper that I set down with the government and gave a statement on no one on the case for something in return in that case I will not be here," Pooh wrote.

He went on to say, "A factual proffer is not a government proffer where the weak will sit down and tell they sole. No the difference before you use my name in vein."

The Memphis rapper added, "Before I bit some cheese I sit down and keep quiet. Anyone that enters a negotiation plea agreement it will be a factual proffer of the factual basis that the government will use in court to prove of the guilt they trying to show I want all you lame ass dudes keep the same energy I stand on business."

Prior to this, Pooh's lawyer Bradford Cohen called out Wack 100 in an Instagram post. "This is 100 percent fake news," he wrote hours after Wack's claims last week. "@wack100 there is no paperwork that would say @poohshiesty said a word about anything on anything. ... But why bother with facts...just throw something out for clicks."

Meanwhile, Pooh's mom also came to the rapper's defense. "Your mammy raised a b***h. Ms. Gladys raised a savage," she wrote at the time.

It didn't take long before Wack responded. "To @poohshiesty mother, I understand your emotions but you responded to a lie," Wack said in an Instagram post. "To the attorney, you're weird. Learn the truth. … If this is a representation of how you do your research, maybe you're the reason #poohshiesty caught the time. I got love for this man. Politics are politics. What's real is real."

Back in January, Pooh pleaded guilty to one charge in his federal case and is no longer facing the possibility of a life sentence as a result. The charge was reportedly for conspiracy to possess a firearm in furtherance of violent and drug-trafficking crimes.

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