Jim Jones Recalls Passing on Drake for Being Actor 'in a Wheelchair' on Disney

In a new interview, the Dipset member recalls passing on a chance to sign the Canadian rapper, whom he describes as an actor 'in a wheelchair' on Disney Channel.

AceShowbiz - Jim Jones explained why he didn't sign [cDrake]. In an interview that only surfaced now, the Dipset member talked about the moment when he passed on a chance to sign the Canadian rapper.

"Drake definitely ran across my desk," Jim shared. "I got a call from Alan Grunblatt, I think I was on tour, and Alan was like, 'I got this guy named Drake, uh, he's an actor, he's on 'Degrassi'.' I'm like, 'Who the f**k is Drake on 'Degrassi'?' He let me hear him rapping like this boy could rap his a** off."

He went on saying, "Then I looked at him, I'm like, 'Boy, what do you mean? What am I going to do with boy? He's an actor, he's in a wheelchair on like uh, what is it, Disney Channel?' I'm like, 'Boy, I don't know how to make this work out.' "

Jim added, "Once again, I just wasn't seeing past what I seen in front of me and s**t like that. Weezy was smart enough to do so, and I remember being on another tour in the back of the bus and hearing Weezy and Drake rapping, and Drake saying something about Princess Diana and it's going crazy. I'm like 'Wow, life is crazy. This n***a is dead nasty, f**k what he look like.' "

Back in December 2020, Jim talked about failing to sign both Drake and [cJ. Cole]. "A little light-skinned kid coming to the studio every day rapping like Drake, and at that point it was Drake [and] n***as didn’t know what to do with no Drake. Drake was just a phenomenon at that point," he revealed at the time.

"S**t, you can't have two of them right now. As you see, it took him a few years after that to kind of find his place and what he wanted to do. He ain't rapping like Drake no more, but when he was in my studio, he was," he continued.

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