DJ Akademiks Revisits Nicki Minaj's Alleged Threats, Discusses Her 'Solid' Fanbase

DJ Akademiks first claimed that the 'Bang Bang' hitmaker sent him threats on DMs during a live session on Twitch back in 2019 in which the femcee allegedly threatened to break his jaw.

AceShowbiz - DJ Akademiks recalled the time when Nicki Minaj allegedly threatened him. The YouTuber talked about his feud with the "Anaconda" hitmaker during his new interview with VladTV.

After reading off Nicki's threatening DMs sent to DJ Akademiks, DJ Vlad said it was strange hearing a "female talk that gangster s**t." He also called it "cowardly."

DJ Akademiks, meanwhile, responded, "You know why Nicki's good? I wanna say great...her audience, and she has the best audience in hip-hop." Of Nicki's fanbase, he added, "Them Barbz, they will never believe anything--and Nicki does a good job of not making it apparent."

"You 'heard' it, you didn't 'see' it," he said of the reports or gossip about the rapper. "So, like, when you say it, her audience is gonna take it as, 'Oh, you're just hating on the queen.' But like, I heard the same thing."

DJ Akademiks also noted that Nicki's "fanbase is so solid." He went on to say, "If she's not the victim, no one believes it."

DJ Akademiks first claimed that Nicki sent him threats on DMs back in 2019. During a live session on Twitch, he revealed, "She asked me 'Are you in New York.' I told her I'd be back in New York on Monday. Y'all wanna hear Nicki Minaj in my DMs today?...Nicki Minaj in my opinion in this moment in unraveling. Check out this s**t. She hits me today, about two hours ago."

According to DJ Akademiks, the mom of one wrote to him, "You been mad since I made a joke about you with [Joe Budden] on my show. The people you rep won't be able to stop your jaw from gettin' broken. I know too much about your family for you to be playin' with me, you h*e a**. Where you at now?" To that, he allegedly replied with laughing emojis and wrote, "Your threat is received. We'll see each other at some point. Take care, babe."

Nicki didn't stop her. She reportedly responded, "I'm glad it's received, rat. It won't be the only thing that's received."

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