Savannah Chrisley's Ex Nic Kerdiles Thanks Her and Todd for Helping Him Survive a Suicide Attempt

The former professional ice hockey forward reveals in an Instagram video that he almost took his own life after mixing his COVID-19 medication with alcohol.

AceShowbiz - Savannah Chrisley's ex couldn't be more grateful that he's still alive today. Revealing that he recently attempted to commit suicide, Nic Kerdiles thanked his former fiancee and her dad Todd Chrisley for preventing him to do so.

The 28-year-old shared his story through an Instagram video on Wednesday, February 2. "I'm super grateful to be here today," the former professional ice hockey forward, who's sitting next to Savannah and Todd in the clip, first said.

"As Todd mentioned, I recently went through COVID as well and now [I'm] reading a lot more about it to kind of understand why this situation might have happened that occurred the other night," he added. "With COVID and some of the things that I've had from COVID, I've been on medication and I decided to mix alcohol with it to a point that...I don't remember anything that happened that night and I was in a full blackout."

The next thing Nic knew, he was brandishing a gun. "I don't know where I was at in my mental state but between the depression, anxiety, the COVID effects. the medication, the alcohol, I did something that I never thought I would ever do," he elaborated.

Luckily, Nic had previously made plans with his friend Chad. "And if he wasn't there, I don't know if I would still be here today, to be completely honest," he shared, before crediting "people like Savannah and Todd and Chad who came to support me and love me."

Todd then chimed in to slam TMZ for running "a story about the unfortunate incident that occurred with Nic and him contemplating taking his life." He further argued, "And rather than celebrate that this young man is still here that he's surrounded by people that love him, and that he has the help that he needs...TMZ wanted to run this story so they can attach our name to it so that you will click on it so that they can turn his situation into income."

"Mental illness should not be made fun of it should not be taken lightly," the "Chrisley Knows Best" star went on noting. "And we should do everything in our power to lift those that are struggling with that up."

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