Savannah Chrisley Dishes on the Struggle of Looking After Her Siblings While Parents Are in Jail

The 'Chrisley Knows Best' star admits things haven't been easy as she cares for her younger siblings after their mom and dad, Todd and Julie, were thrown into jail for tax fraud.

AceShowbiz - Savannah Chrisley struggles to bring up her siblings. The 25-year-old reality star is famous for appearing alongside her parents Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley on "Chrisley Knows Best" but has been entrusted with the care of her siblings Grayson, 17, and niece Chloe, 10, since they were put behind bars after being found guilty of 12 counts of tax evasion and fraud, and has now explained ahead of her appearance on "Special Forces: World's Toughest Test]" what "sucks" about her situation.

"I think a big thing was this was the last show I watched with my parents before they left. My mom watched it. She was like, 'You could do that.' I have custody of my 10-year-old sister and my 17-year-old brother. It's tough and I missed the first Father's Day. I'm not there and that's what sucks, not having that contact while I've been gone," she said in a clip from new season.

Savannah also explained to her co-stars Jack Osbourne and Bode Miller that she felt bad for "not being there" for her siblings whilst shooting the show as she admitted that for the "first time" she actually loves two people more than she loves herself.

She said, "With all due respect, you don't know what it feels like to have both your parents in federal prison and having to take custody of a 10-year-old and 17-year-old, that's the thing. for not being there. I think just for the first time in my life, I actually love two people more than I love myself."

Savannah previously revealed that she had a "full on breakdown" as she adjusted to her new life and struggled to understand how her mother had managed to act as a primary caregiver for so many years.

Speaking on her "Unlocked" podcast, she said, "I had a full-on breakdown. I was trying to find Chloe proper clothes to go and visit my parents and find her hair stuff. I just sat down on the floor and started crying. I am not my mother. How am I going to do this? I don't feel that I am worthy or capable enough of doing the job she's done for all her life."

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