Nick Cannon Apologizes on Air for Mentioning Late Son Zen When Announcing Baby No. 8

In a new episode of 'Nick Cannon', the TV personality admits that he 'failed' to 'protect and respect the privacy of the mothers of all my children' when confirming the baby news earlier this week.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon is apologizing for the pain which he has caused through the way he revealed that he's expecting baby No. 8. In the Thursday, February 3 episode of "Nick Cannon", the host admitted that he "failed" to "protect and respect the privacy of the mothers of all my children" when he confirmed the baby news earlier this week.

"I misspoke and probably went too much into detail on Monday expressing my feelings and it probably felt like I was making some comparatives when talking about the passing of my son Zen and then also talking about the new child I'm expecting," Nick said. "I didn't need to do that because those are two completely separate moments in my life and they both deserve the respect."

As he vowed to "do better with delicate and sensitive discussions," "The Masked Singer" host said that he promised the mothers of his children to be more understanding and compassionate. Explaining that he and model Alyssa Scott, with whom he shares his late son Zen, are still griefing, he added, "I know it seems awkward because people are trying to do the timing and all that … none of that matters. We lost a child and it still is a sincere and real situation."

"I love her, I love my son Zen, and I always will," Nick continued. "And I'm gonna love my new child. I'm a responsible human being and I take full responsibility for everything so I must say I sincerely apologize to everyone involved for any extra pain or confusion that I may have caused."

Nick announced that he and Bre Tiesi are expecting a child together in the Monday episode of his talk show. At the time, he revealed that he held off on the announcement to give Alyssa the appropriate time to grieve following the death of their son in last December.

"This process has been extremely difficult for me," Nick shared. "I've known about Bre's pregnancy for a while now, even before my youngest son, Zen, passed. So even going through all of that, this was always in the back of my mind. When is the right time? When do I share this? To kind of figure out a chronological order or hierarchy, it kept me up at night."

Hours after the episode, Alyssa took to her Instagram account to post an emotional message in which she hoped to be left out of the conversations. "It is painful having my son be apart of conversations that aren't in alignment with his light and legacy. It isn't something I chose for him or myself," so she wrote.

"It's important for me to let you all know.. I am centered, I am at peace," Alyssa noted. "I look at everyone's predicament with loving eyes. I will not judge. I will consciously decide what I will participate in. I am surrounded by love. God, my mom, dad, sister, brother and daughter continue to carry me."

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