Thomas Weidenmuller, who files the lawsuit, claims that he endured eight surgeries on his face and now has 'five plates in his jaw' following Kenneth's brutal attack.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty found themselves being entangled in new legal trouble. It was unveiled that a security guard is suing the "Anaconda" hitmaker and her husband after Kenneth allegedly broke his jaw.

Filing the lawsuit was Thomas Weidenmuller, who was the head of security for one of Nicki's shows in Germany in March 2019. In court documents, Thomas claimed that the raptress was mad at one security staffer for allowing a male fan to get onstage during her performance.

The "Bang Bang" femcee allegedly yelled at the female guard. "[She was] irate during this confrontation and screamed at the female security guard that she was a f**king b***h and accused her of having put Minaj in physical danger. During the confrontation, the female security guard was in tears and apologized to Minaj," so read the suit.

Thus, Thomas went to Nicki to address the incident. However, he alleged that the Trinidadian star screamed at him too, saying, "Who do you think you are?" It was said that Nicki threw her shoes at him but missed, so Thomas left.

Thomas was later summoned to Nicki's room, only to hurl insults at him. That's when Kenneth approached him. "Without warning, Petty PUNCHED Weidenmuller from the side and made contact with the right side of [his] face," the lawsuit stated. "[Thomas was] instantly in extreme pain and was momentarily disoriented and had to step aside, around the corner, to collect himself."

"After two or three minutes, and under the belief that his jaw was broken, Weidenmuller turned the corner again, returning to the location where Petty hit him," it added. Thomas was reportedly hospitalized for ten days and "sustained a broken jaw as a result of Petty's brutal attack."

"Following his discharge from the hospital, he was unable to eat solid foods for some time and required to sleep upright because, if he laid down horizontally, the concussion that he sustained would cause him to experience extreme headaches," the docs alleged. Thomas also had eight surgeries on his face and now has "five plates in his jaw."

The news arrived around two weeks after Jennifer Hough, who claimed that she's raped by Kenneth in 1994 when she's 16 years old, voluntarily dropped her harassment lawsuit against him and Nicki. Still, the hip-hop star reportedly will still fight for her money lost in their legal dispute.

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