Adele Criticized After Selling Merchandise During FaceTime With Fans Despite Show Cancellation

The 'Easy On Me' hitmaker reportedly 'looked very pale and emotional' while apologizing directly for her residency cancellation to her fans, who had jetted off to Las Vegas.

AceShowbiz - Adele is facing more backlash after she tried to connect with her fans, who had jetted off to Las Vegas to watch her now-canceled performance at Caesars Palace. The "Easy On Me" hitmaker was criticized as she promoted her merchandise during FaceTime calls with groups of stunned fans.

On Saturday, January 22, the 33-year-old singer FaceTimed her fans to directly apologize for the last minute cancellation. Then on Sunday, one fan told Daily Mail that the "Someone Like You" hitmaker, who admitted that she had "bled, f**king sweated and cried" into preparations for her show, said during the video chat, "I'm so sorry and I can't wait to meet you, alright. Get your free bag! You're not old enough to drink, are you? So you can't have that free drink token."

"You're too young... Get your freebies and chat to anyone. Ask any of my team anything about the show, ask them anything about me, about the show," Adele allegedly continued. "And I'm truly, truly like humbled at your age. Please thank your mother from me."

It's also said that Adele "looked pale and very emotional" during the video call. "A lot of fans are angry at her for canceling less than 24 hours before the first concert, but a lot of us are worried, too. She doesn't look right," the fan shared. "She was crying and so were a lot of the fans she spoke to."

Adele also reportedly slid into the DMs of another admirer. In it, the chart-topper allegedly continued to flog the merchandise at her store. She wrote via Instagram direct message to a fan named James, "James it's Adele! I really am so sorry. If you're still here at 6pm, my store in the middle of the Caesars casino just outside the entrance to The Colosseum is opening up still."

In the merchandise shop, Adele-branded garments were priced more than the show's tickets, which prices started from $85. The sweatshirts ranging between $90 and $110 each. Also on display were varsity jackets, $50 T-shirts, $75 bottles of her favorite Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir wine, which normally retails at $40.

Upon learning of the offer, one social media critic wrote, "Please guys, don't buy anything, you've already spent enough f**king money." Another chimed in, "Really? After losing thousand dollars she encourages us to splash more cash?"

In other news, it's reported that Adele's residency was allegedly destined for "disaster" amid arguments with the set designer, Esmeralda Devlin. A source spilled to The Sun, "In spite of the set costing millions to put together, Adele was unhappy with the result, and she made her feelings very clear to Es."

"[Adele] was already nervous and the falling out sent her spiraling into a panic because she was desperate that everything should be perfect," the source continued, noting that Esmeralda also worked on Adele's 2016 world tour. A second insider claimed that the alleged rift between the pair came amid "endless changes" to the set list and running order.

"There was no real clarity around what Adele wanted for the show because of the endless changes being made to the production," the source said. "It seemed that while she has always preferred a stripped-back performance, she was under some pressure to come up with a huge extravaganza. So there was a constant ricochet between those two versions of what the show should be, and it did cause some quite explosive arguments."

The so-called inside source went on to explain that most of her shows have "teething problems." The informant added, "It is well known that Adele suffers badly with anxiety when it comes to performing live, so it's hard to imagine her going ahead if she wasn't happy."

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