Drakeo The Ruler's Associate Claims Backstage Fight That Led to His Death Was a 'Setup' by YG

In an Instagram Live, K7 angrily speaks to a friend about what transpired that night the 'Mr. Get Dough' spitter was stabbed and points the finger at the late rapper's nemesis YG.

AceShowbiz - While police have yet to arrest any suspects in the death of Drakeo The Ruler, new report further implicates YG in the murder. In an Instagram Live, Drakeo The Ruler's associate K7 suggested that the Compton-born star was possibly involved in a violent altercation that led to the stabbing of the late rapper.

In the clip, K7 angrily spoke to a friend about what transpired that fateful night. "I'm speaking facts," he said while wearing a black mask that covered most of his face. "YG a real life b***h, n***a. All them n***as is b***hes, bro. I don't give a f**k, bro. I'm so mad, bro. On my mama, YG did some h*e s**t. If I see cuh, I'm gonna slap the s**t out that n***a. N***as doin' all this puff, talkin like they hard, bro."

He blasted Drakeo's nemesis, "You got those security guards fightin' n***a. Like come on, bro. That s**t ain't cool, bro. On my mama, bro. Them n***as got them big a** bald security guards, snuck 'em in, snuck in knives, all types of weird s**t, n***a."

K7 later questioned why YG was allegedly allowed to bring dozens of people to the festival while Drakeo's entourage was restricted to 15. "Let them n***as come 70 thick but only told us we could bring 15 people, bro," he said. "That don't make no sense. Bro, you told us we could only bring 15 people but let them n***as bring a hundred muthaf**kin' people, bro? I'm so hot … YG can't perform in L.A. no more, bro. I don't give a f**k who feel about what about or anything. I don't care, bro. N***a always do some gay s**t for a real one, bro. I'm over this s**t, bro. On my mama, these n***as is gay. These n***as is h*es, bro."

He went on claiming that the whole thing was a "setup," ranting, "This s**t is weird. N***as is hatin' bro. YG a real b***h." He revealed that Drakeo attempted to link up with the Bloods when he was released from prison in November 2020, suggesting that it might prompt YG's jealousy. "He knew Drakeo was gonna take his spot. Cuh really a b***h. N***a set the whole s**t up. This s**t was a set up from the start. N***as shoulda been seen this whole setup s**t that these f****t a**, b***h a**, gay a**, h*e a** n***as did. This s**t got me hot, bro … these n***as ain't even ready for war, bro. YG can't perform in L.A. no more. F**k all that, n***a," he said.

K7 additionally said that "it was cool" before YG and his crew arrived, but things started to get tense since the "Toot It and Boot It" rhymer's arrival. "When we first came in, we was there … certain n***as was there, early, early, so it was cool," he said. "There wasn't no tension, but YG and them wasn't there because they performed later. As soon as he came, it went bad. Like n***as knew what they was doing. On my mama, the whole thing was a setup. Bro, n***as is h*es."

The audio of the conversation first surfaced several days ago, but the man who was speaking wasn't identified at the time, so it was unclear what his relationship was with Drakeo.

Meanwhile, Drakeo's mother Darrylene Corniel believes that the promoters were partly responsible for her son's tragic death. She plans to sue them, telling Rolling Stone, "This happened backstage at an event. Someone has to be held accountable."

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