Stephen A. Smith Experiences Mild Symptoms After Testing Positive for COVID-19

When announcing that he has contracted the virus while making a virtual appearance on 'First Take', the ESPN commentator expresses his gratitude to be fully vaccinated.

AceShowbiz - Stephen A. Smith has tested positive for COVID-19. While announcing his COVID diagnosis, the ESPN commentator, who is fully vaccinated, revealed that he experienced mild symptoms.

The 54-year-old unveiled that his test came back positive while making a virtual appearance in the Tuesday, December 21 episode of "First Take". He shared that he tested positive over the weekend. "I've tested positive for COVID-19, I have the coronavirus," he began.

Stephen also said he has tested negative numerous times during his trip to Los Angeles and upon returning to New York, where he hosted his flagship show. "I learned this over the weekend. I got tested three times last week prior to the weekend and I had tested negative," the sports TV personality continued, before explaining, "I tested negative before I departed from L.A., I tested negative when I arrived in L.A., I tested negative when I got back from L.A."

Offering more details, Stephen told the viewers that he has only experienced "mild symptoms" so far. He also pointed out that he had previously received the Pfizer vaccine. "Thank God I was vaccinated," he said. "Thank God I got the Pfizer vaccine, two shots a few months ago." However, he added that he hasn't received his booster shot yet.

Stephen was absent from the show on Monday due to his COVID diagnosis. He then clarified that his absence from the show on Thursday and Friday of last week was due to an endoscopy and wasn't COVID-19 related.

After unveiling his COVID diagnosis, Stephen added a rant about the Brooklyn Nets allowing the unvaccinated Kyrie Irving to return to the team on a part-time basis. "It's one of the most shameful things I think [the Nets] could've ever done," he said. "To make this capitulation, to make this concession, for [Kyrie]. The fact that [the Nets] reversed course on this is egregious, and disgusting to be quite honest with you."

Stephen A. Smith via Twitter

Stephen A. Smith teased fans that he had 'something' to reveal on 'First Take'.

Before his segment, Stephen had hinted on social media that he had "something" to reveal on the show. He tweeted on Monday, "What up peoples! Got something to tell y'all. See you on @FirstTake at 10am EST on ESPN!"

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