'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' host, who reportedly underwent the surgery in November 2020, claims that the procedure left him 'rendered sick, sore lame and disabled.'

AceShowbiz - Trevor Noah was clearly not happy with his alleged botched surgery. "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" host reportedly is suing a New York-based doctor and hospital after he underwent the cosmetic surgery.

The 37-year-old filed the lawsuit in the New York County Supreme Court. In the docs, which was filed on November 29, the comedian listed Dr. Riley J Williams III and the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) as the defendants and accused them for "negligence."

The South African native claimed he underwent the surgery in November 2020 at HSS in New York City. However, the operation seemingly didn't go well since the TV personality alleged that the doctor and the hospital "were negligent and careless in failing to treat and care for [him] in a careful and skillful manner."

The lawsuit went on to state that the defendants failed "to use approved methods in general use in the care and treatment" of Trevor and "to inform the plaintiff of the risks, hazards and alternatives to the treatment."

"A reasonably prudent person in the position of the plaintiff would have refused the treatment rendered, had they been so informed of the risks, hazards, and alternatives to the treatment rendered," the suit further read.

Not stopping there, the TV host and his legal team argued that the defendants also failed to "prescribe proper medications," "discontinue certain prescription medications." In addition, the defendants reportedly didn't "use proper tests and examinations in order to diagnose the conditions from which" he "was suffering."

The medical procedure allegedly prompted Trevor to suffer from "serious personal injury" that is "permanent, severe and grievous." The conditions eventually left him "rendered sick, sore lame and disabled."

The hospital itself has responded to Trevor's allegations. In a released statement by its public relations, the hospital said, "We have shared with Mr. Noah's attorney a detailed rebuttal to the claims, which are meritless."

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