Jennifer Coolidge Nearly Turns Down Her Role on 'White Lotus' After 40-Pound Weight Gain

The actress portraying Paulette Bonafonte in 'Legally Blonde' says that she is 'fat' right now after eating up to 'five or six' vegan pizzas a day as she believed she's going to die amid COVID-19 outbreak.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Coolidge seemingly only wants to show her best figure on camera. The actress unveiled that she nearly turned down her role on "The White Lotus" after she gained 40 pounds during COVID-19 lockdown.

The actress portraying Paulette Bonafonte in "Legally Blonde" told Page Six at the Gotham Awards on Monday night, November 29 at Cipriani Wall Street, New York, "I just didn't want to be on camera that fat because of my excessive eating during COVID." She added, "I thought we were all going to die, I really did, so I was just eating myself to death. Vegan pizzas, sometimes five or six in a day."

Jennifer estimated that she put on between 30 to 40 pounds. The "American Pie" actress also told the outlet that she was ready to fabricate a story to "The White Lotus" creator Mike White to get out of the role.

"I'm fat right now. And she said, 'Jennifer this is all you have! What the f**k?' " Jennifer shared. The 60-year-old actress added, "She was like, 'These opportunities don't come around, you idiot!' "

Jennifer elaborated, "We all need these friends." The "A Cinderella Story" star then explained, "A lot of actors make huge mistakes, I don't know why, we want a great moment to happen but then when it comes along we somehow talk ourselves out of it, I think that's very typical of an actor, to screw it up for themselves but I had a great friend that stopped me from doing that."

Though Jennifer admitted that she gained up to 40 pounds, she shared that her colleagues on the show apparently didn't notice the weight gain. "I was always kind of pudgy anyway so what's another 40 pounds," she said. "It's all in our head. I'm just glad I had a good friend who talked me off the ledge and didn't blow a really cool gig. If I had watched 'White Lotus' and realized I [could have done it] I would have jumped off a bridge."

In a separate interview with PEOPLE, Jennifer joked she's worried that she might be "replaced" in the sequel, "Legally Blonde 3". She told the outlet, "If [Reese Witherspoon] comes down the carpet tonight, you tell her yes. Tell her I'm in. Yes!" before adding in jest, "You never know. This is show business. I don't know. I could be replaced with a roller-skating character or something. I don't know!"

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