Nitt Da Gritt, the owner of the rapper's record label, goes off on the 'Trap Queen' spitter after the latter releases a new song called 'First Day Out' to celebrate his release from jail.

AceShowbiz - The tension betweetn Fetty Wap and Nitt Da Gritt, the owner of his record label RFG Productions, has yet to be over. In a new video circulating online, Nitt went off on the "Trap Queen" spitter after the latter released a new song called "First Day Out" to celebrate his release from jail.

Shading the rapper, Nitt question, "Make a first day out song? N***a, you trying to be Gucci Mane?" He went on to say, "What the f**k, man? Like bro, it's like you having a f**king identity crisis, bro. Bro, just be yourself, man."

Not stopping there, Nitt encouraged Fetty to get back to what he used to be. "Do it for what you was doing it for before, what got you where you was at, my n***a ... N***a trying too hard bro, that s**t is like trying too hard at its finest," he claimed.

Prior to this, Nitt challenged Fetty to a boxing match after he blamed his record labels for his music slump. In an Instagram post on Friday, November 26, Nitt wrote, "Hey 'Mr.Delusional' @fettywap1738 I Never said I paid for your lawyer, but I did send one up there just in case you needed one but you had it covered!"

He continued, "And if I'm miserable your [sic] 'DELUSIONAL' bc you not a street n***a , trap n***a , hustler or none of the above and your [sic] definitely not from 12th Ave. You wasn't even a little sprinkle of that #fettycap #173fake."

The drama between the two started after Fetty claimed in an interview with Fat Joe that he was forced to fund his own tour because his labels didn't support him financially. "I felt like I had to do everything myself. For the tours, I put up all the bread for the tours. I paid for all the tour buses. Everything came out of my expenses. It was like, I gotta pay y’all but I'm paying for everything else," he said.

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