Porsha Williams' Fans Urge Her to Leave Fiance Simon Guobadia After He Admits to Cheating Before

In a new episode of Porsha's Family Matters, Simon shares to the TV star that sticking to one woman may be a challenge for him as he's from a family with polygamy background.

AceShowbiz - Is it a red flag? Porsha Williams' fans told the former "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star to leave her fiance Simon Guobadia after he confessed about past cheating incidents in a new episode of "Porsha's Family Matters".

In the Sunday, November 28 episode, Simon shared that sticking to one woman may be a challenge for him as he's from a family with polygamy background. "I come from a family where there was abundant love, but there wasn't enough to go around," the 57-year-old businessman told Porsha while out to dinner, adding that there were "so many kids, so many wives."

When Porsha asked him how wives were in the mix, Simon replied with a smirk, "Grandaddy? 25." Adding that his father had two wives, the Nigeria native continued, "Where I come from, there's nothing abnormal about having different women. As a matter of fact, there's women from my part of the country that tell their husbands, 'You can have one side b***h.' And from time to time, the wife and the side b***h get together and make sure there's not another side b***h."

During the dinner, Porsha made sure her future husband knew that she did not approve of the idea of him having multiple wives. At one point, she asked Simon if he ever cheated, to which he replied, "Of course, everybody has cheated."

Upon watching the episode, fans told Porsha to leave Simon. "Simon told porsha that his Grandfather had 25 wives, Simon said that in his culture the wife allows 1 side b***h. Simon has had 3 wives. Run Forrest! Run!" one Twitter user joked. "Regardless of how many weeks it was & even if it were months, IT'S TOO SOON PORSHA!!! Get to know him: 4 wives 5 kids Grandpa had 25 wives Dad had 2 wives," someone else said. Another fan added, "This dude married 4X & confidentially admits he's cheated multiple times."

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