Kim Kardashian Throws Ghostbusters Party for Psalm's 5th Birthday, Kris Jenner Gifts Him Cybertruck

Psalm West's fifth birthday is one to remember as his famous mom Kim pulls off an elaborate bash for him and grandmother Kris showers him with an expensive present.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian, the renowned makeup mogul and reality TV star, recently gave the world a glimpse into the elaborate Ghostbusters-themed bash she threw for her youngest son, Psalm, on his fifth birthday. "The Kardashians" star took to her Instagram stories to share the details of the spectacular celebration, filling everyone with awe and a bit of envy.

The entrance to Kim's home was adorned with green slime-themed decorations, setting the perfect tone for a Ghostbusters party. Highlighting the setup was a life-size cutout of Psalm dressed in Ghostbusters gear, immediately immersing guests into the theme.

Kim's excitement was palpable as she shared a snippet of the decorations, stating, "Ok, Psalm's Ghostbuster party, how cute is this, it's about to start." The meticulous attention to detail was evident with elements such as personal "proton packs" for the guests, a Slimer candy station, and a towering Ghostbusters-tiered birthday cake, all adding to the amazement of the attendees.

Kim kardashian throws an elaborate party for her birthday son

Kim kardashian throws an elaborate party for her birthday son

Ahead of the party, the anticipation for Psalm's birthday was built up with touching posts from Kim and her mom, Kris Jenner. Kim expressed her gratitude towards Kris for gifting Psalm a mini Tesla Cybertruck, making him the owner of a matching vehicle just like his mother's. The gift was a hit, with Psalm excitedly mentioning, "I want to drive this to school," showcasing the innocent charm of childhood aspirations.

Kris Jenner, not to be outdone, shared an affectionate tributenote to her grandson on Instagram, highlighting Psalm's importance in their lives and praising his many talents and attributes. This encapsulates the tight-knit bond of the Kardashian-Jenner family, as they celebrate each occasion with grand gestures and deep expressions of love.

Last year, Kim organized a firefighter-themed celebration for Psalm's fourth birthday, which was a hit among the guests. This year, the Ghostbusters theme was equally impressive, demonstrating Kim's commitment to making each of her children's birthdays memorable and unique. From the extravagant decorations to the heartfelt tributes, Psalm's fifth birthday was a testament to the joy and happiness he brings to his family.

As the Kardashian-Jenner clan continues to leave their mark on the entertainment and business worlds, their dedication to family and creating unforgettable moments for their next generation shines through the most.

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