Dwayne Johnson Thrills Tourists on Thanksgiving as He Pulls Up Alongside Their Bus

The Rock surprises unsuspecting tourists in Los Angeles as he stopped his car a few feet from their vehicle and cracks a joke before wishing them a happy holiday.

AceShowbiz - Dwayne Johnson surprised passengers on a bus full of unsuspecting tourists in Los Angeles when he pulled up alongside the vehicle.

The "Jungle Cruise" actor engaged with thrilled visitors who couldn't believe their luck and The Rock documented the entire meeting on his Instagram page.

Beginning with the movie star sitting in the driver's seat of his truck moments after he stopped a few feet from the bus, he asked, "Have you guys seen my house yet?"

As the thrilled fans replied, "No," he quipped, "Okay, cool keep it that way," prompting laughter from the passengers onboard the open top ride.

He added, "Alright, you guys take care and have a happy Thanksgiving," before continuing with his day.

In the caption, Dwayne penned, "A lil' Thanksgiving Star Tour Bus surpriseā€¦ Have you guys seen my house yet? No. Cool, keep it that way," before sharing that he was headed to the gym before he ate his holiday meal.

"Happy Thanksgiving you guys, enjoy my hood and I'm gonna get after this workout before we feast."

The Thanksgiving surprise came after the wrestler-turned-actor gifted Navy veteran Oscar Rodriguez a personal custom truck.

"Your story really moved me because I hear that you're a personal trainer, you're always keeping it positive and motivational and optimistic," The Rock said. "Thank you for your service brother. Enjoy your new truck."

"I'm just speechless. I'm so glad to meet you, I feel so encouraged right now, so uplifted," the fan responded.

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