Kendall Jenner Sends 'Virtual Group Hug' to Celebrate 200 Million Followers on Instagram

The runway brunette is in a celebratory mood as she has amassed 200 million followers on Instagram, sending her loyal devotees a 'virtual group hug' to mark the milestone.

AceShowbiz - Model and realty TV star Kendall Jenner is celebrating after hitting 200 million followers on Instagram over the weekend (19-21Nov21).

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" favourite shared a series of inspirational images and posts to mark the huge milestone as she sent her fans a "virtual group hug."

"200m of you! i love you and hiiii," she penned.

"I'm sending only the most positive vibes and a virtual group hug!"

Kendall added, "Take care of yourself, love yourself, remind yourself everyday how wonderful you are! YOU'RE UNIQUE, YOU'RE SPECIAL, YOU'RE LOVED."

Her celebratory post came two weeks after Travis Scott's Astroworld tragedy where she was among the VIP guests.

She attended the annual festival along with younger sister Kylie Jenner who has a daughter with Travis and is currently pregnant with another of his child.

The two sisters reportedly "walked past bodies" of victims amid chaos at the music event.

"After everything went down, Kendall and Kylie were escorted out and walked past bodies and people getting CPR. They kept their heads down and made sure no one saw their faces... One guy got carted out in front of them. They were wearing masks and had their hoodies up," a source told The Sun.

A representative for the Kardashian/Jenner family, however, insisted the story was fabricated, telling the outlet, "Your story is egregious and absolutely false. Neither of the girls were nearby."

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