When talking about how he dealt with COVID-19 crisis, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' star reveals how he found a new purpose after he began to feel a little bit useless.

AceShowbiz - Andrew Garfield found an unexpected role during the coronavirus crisis - he played "emotional support animal" to his overwhelmed brother.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" star's sibling, Ben, is a pulmonary specialist working in the U.K. and "useless" Andrew found a new purpose as his accidental "therapist."

"The main thing I did, and this is nice for me to talk about it, I would speak to my doctor brother every other day. He's a doctor back in the U.K. with the NHS (National Health Service). He's a lung doctor, a pulmonary specialist," he shared. "Like all of us, I started to feel a little bit useless, like, am I not an essential service?"

Then a thought popped into his head. "My brother is essential," he said. "And I was able to be his emotional support animal. Every other day I was like his therapist on his way to work, on his way home from work."

Garfield also revealed he rode out the health crisis in New York City and took to cycling around Central Park at the same time each week when New Yorkers would stop whatever they were doing to applaud essential health workers.

"I would time my bike rides for when everyone was leaning out of the window and clapping for the care workers... and that was beautiful to be in the middle of the city and feeling that one moment of communal life," he smiled on "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

In a separate interview, Garfield admitted to be using the 2020 lockdown to grieve over his mother's death. "It was actually a beautiful grief period for me," he told Bustle "I was solo in the city, and I had a really lovely bed. I was watching The West Wing, crying, and FaceTiming with my family back home every day. I had all this time and space to myself, to say goodbye to my mother."

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