OTF Doodie Lo's Ex FTN Bae Claims He Tries to Silence Her as He Denies Child Molestation Allegations

Meanwhile, OTF founder Lil Durk catches some heat for failing to address the allegations against its member as many urge the '3 Headed Goat' rapper to kick out Doodie.

AceShowbiz - Doodie Lo and FTN Bae have engaged in an online back-and-forth after she came out with some serious allegations against her ex-boyfriend. Through a Thursday, October 27 Instagram post, she accused her ex-boyfriend of sexually assaulting her 5-year-old son Wesley back in August.

Following her allegations, Doodie went on Instagram Live with his attorney to share his side of the story. "This s**t beyond me," the OTF rapper said. His lawyer then continued, "Just to start, people can't make certain accusations without evidence. That's called defamation. A lot of people know what defamation is, once you publish it, it's out there in the universe and the damage is done."

The lawyer went on to accuse Bae of "harassing my client" and suggested that the audio Bae posted had "clearly" been edited.

In a separate video, Doodie shared a clip of Bae's son recounting his experience and naming another person, Alex, as the person who abused him. Bae was later heard interrupting her son's story and saying, "No, no, no. You said David did it. You said, 'David did it in my room.' "

Using this clip that Doodie said was the first video recorded by Bae and sent to him, Doodie further claimed that Bae is lying. "I was gone wait to post this but this lady playing with my name assassinating my character accusing me of committing a crime against a child that is FALSE!" he wrote in the post's caption. "I got 4 daughters that love me and would never harm a child in any way. She is clearly Is Sick And NEED help!!! This girl is pressed and y'all believe anything."

Bae later countered Doodie's claims, saying that he didn't post the full video in which she and her son were crying. "That was cute after that failed live with that lady… & here i am again sharing content that BREAKS ME," she wrote in her response, along with a dark video of her crying about her son's traumatic experience. "This is the end of the video otf_doodielo posted (he posted the beginning) the video is 8 min long btw… idk what kind of actor i and my son are to be crying like this SMH."

She went on explaining why her son tried to change his story once. "But The video that otf_doodielo is showing to say WE are lying was sent to him BY ME. this is when HE FIRST TOLD ME my son was so scared to tell me he ORIGINALLY blamed it on his 3 year old cousin.. BUT AS A PERSON WITH A BRAIN I HAD TO QUESTION MY SON because physically & logically it made no since," she said. "MY SON STORY IS OUT THERE FOREVER why ON EARTH would i make all this up for AND PUT MY CHILD THROUGH THIS. don't play with me as a MOM! I WAS IN SHOCK TRYING TO PROCESS WHAT MY CHILD WAS TELLING ME."

Bae also accused Doodie of trying to silence her after she came out with the allegations against him. She said he has known about these accusations for weeks, but he is only now speaking up and getting his lawyer involved in an effort to silence her and her son.

Meanwhile, OTF founder Lil Durk has been dragged online as he remains silent on the accusations against its member. Many urged the "Backdoor" spitter to kick out Doodie from the group while he is battling the child molestation allegations.

"Lil Durk needs to kick Doodie Lo out of OTF after that. That is some of the sickest stuff I've ever heard," one person wrote on Twitter. Another said, "He needs to fire and get that man off his label. It's ashame that innocent people die around durk but the pedo lives f**k doodie lo."

A third slammed Durk, "@lildurk ur dirty a** is cancelled why u got pedos on ur payroll like Doodie Lo? F**k you and india cosmetics." Another advised the rapper, "lil durk better not post nun of doodie lo," while someone else demanded, "Lil Durk need to let Doodie Lo go cause nah that's disgusting."

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