Snoop Dogg Admits Past Feud With Eminem Was His Mistake Ahead of Joint Super Bowl Gig

Set to headline the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show with Em and Dr. Dre among others, the 'Gin and Juice' rhymer says he has brushed off his differences with the 'Lose Yourself' emcee.

AceShowbiz - Snoop Dogg has revealed where he and Eminem currently stand in their relationship following their past beef. Appearing on "The Breakfast Club" ahead of their joint gig at the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar, the Long Beach native said the drama has ended after he apologized to Em.

"Man I love Eminem. And the thing is, we love hip hop so much, we competitive," he talked about his relationship with Em on Wednesday, October 27. "We battle rappers, so that was supposed to trigger that in him."

Admitting that it was his mistake, Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., said he apologized to the Slim Shady. "And I felt like I was out of pocket," he continued. "I apologized to him, and I let him know and I'm just bettering myself. I make mistakes. I ain't perfect, I'm Snoop Dogg. I'm still dumb."

The "What's My Name?" hitmaker continued detailing how they brushed off their differences, "But we brothers, and we family so we learn to appreciate each other for what we do, and we get down and we had a long conversation about the respect that we have for each other and the way we need to talk in public about each other."

Their feud started in May 2020, when Snoop said that he wouldn't categorize Eminem as one of Top 10 rappers. "[Dr. Dre] probably put Eminem in the position that he would be considered one of the Top 10 rappers ever," he explained on "The Breakfast Club" last summer. "I don't think so, but the game thinks that he's a Top 10 lyricist and everything that comes with it. That's just because he's with Dr. Dre."

Em responded by releasing a diss track called "Zeus", in which he rapped, "I'm used to people knockin' me, but, just not in my camp/ I'm diplomatic 'cause I'm tryna be/ last thing I need is Snoop doggin' me."

The "Lose Yourself" MC later explained why Snoop's comments irritated him. "I think it was more about the tone he was using that caught me off-guard 'cause I'm like, where is this coming from? I just saw you, what the f**k? It threw me for a loop," the Detroit star explained on his Shade 45 radio station. "I probably could've gotten past the whole tone and everything, but it was the last statement where he said, 'Far as music I can live without, I can live without that s**t.' Now you're being disrespectful."

During the Wednesday interview, Snoop also teased what to expect from the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show. "Dr. Dre is one of my closest associates. When I knew he got the call, I figured I was going to get the call soon," he said.

"But to add Eminem, Kendrick and Mary J. Blige is special. These are his super friends to actually show people why he is who he is," he further gushed, before adding of the hip-hop mogul, "He really wanted to get people what they want. This is an L.A. moment."

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