Kelly Dodd 'Regrets' Getting COVID-19 Vaccine, Calls It 'Potentially Deadly Jab'

In her statement, 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' alum says that she believes she had antibodies since she already had the virus but she decides to take the vaccine 'because of travel restrictions.'

AceShowbiz - Kelly Dodd has unveiled the reasons why she "regrets" getting the COVID-19 vaccines. Expressing her skepticism, the former "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star called the vaccine "potentially deadly jab."

"I already had the virus so I already had antibodies. I was protected and unlikely to get Covid again but got the vaccine because of travel restrictions," the 46-year-old reality star said in a statement to Page Six. She then admitted that taking her vaccines "made life a lot easier since [she] could show the card and not have to keep getting tested." However, Kelly noted, "But if the government would've allowed an antibody card I never would've gotten the shot."

Kelly's statement continued, "Now I personally know of at least two otherwise healthy people who died of blood clots after getting the vaccine and three others who developed Bells Palsy." The former Bravo star shared, "Another friend of mine who was fine before she got jabbed got Myocarditis and almost died and is still really suffering and she only got the vax because her employer required it."

"If people want to get this experimental vaccine that we now know only lasts a few months and doesn't keep you from catching or spreading Covid, go get it but no one should be forced to do it," Kelly added. "If it's so effective than [sic] the people who get it shouldn't be worried about people who don't."

Kelly then asked people to "look at the actual stats" if "this is all about the science." She added, "I know this virus has killed more than 700,000 people but more than 90% of them had preexisting comorbidities. They were already very sick and most were elderly. For the general population, Covid has a 99% survival rate."

Kelly ended her statement by rhetorically asking, "Why are we demanding young healthy people risk their bodies for something that's been proven not to work very well? And why is this such a controversial stance in America, where we used to value freedom and independence and choice so highly?" She then sarcastically concluded, "I feel like I woke up in the USSR."

Expressing her regret publicly, Kelly took to her Twitter account on Tuesday, October 19 to say, "I got the vaccine … And regret it." She added in her tweet, "I'm trying not to be a d**k," referencing a character named Dick, who "thinks the government cares about him."

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