Adele's New Album Contains Voicemail From Panic Attack Amid Divorce Struggle

The much-anticipated album '30' features a voicemail the 'Easy On Me' singer left for her friend as she was desperate for help due to panic attack amid divorce from Simon Konecki.

AceShowbiz - Adele struggled to cope with her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki.

The singer opens up on the end of her marriage on new album "30", out next month (Nov21), with the singer revealing the LP contains a voicemail she left for her friend as she suffered with a panic attack.

Speaking on Australian radio station Carrie & Tommy, the "Easy On Me" hitmaker explained she would try to put on a brave face until their little boy Angelo, now eight, was sleeping.

However, when her parenting duties were over, things got too much for the singer as she struggled to cope and reached out for help.

"It's in the song about my son, it's at the end, in the outro. I was really frightened," she shared. "I was having an anxiety attack and I called my best friend to try to talk to her to calm me down but she didn't bloody answer."

"It shines some light on... I'm talking about my son in the rest of the song, and once I put him to bed I can stop putting on that brave face."

The pair have remained amicable but the pain Adele felt during their split was the inspiration behind her album - and she hopes the collection will help Angelo "understand" their relationship.

"So often mum is mum and dad is dad, and who they are outside that role is never really discussed in childhood," she mused. "So it's more that."

"And when he does get older he will understand, because life is going to hit him as well, of what I was going through."

In fact, Adele wishes she had a song to help her understand why her parents separated when she was young, because she sees music as a "comforter."

"I decided to go all in with this one (album), not only to heal myself but to maybe pass on any knowledge or tools that I might have learnt over the last few years. Because it's been intense."

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