Madison LeCroy 'Crying Like Crazy From Joy' as She's Engaged to Boyfriend Brett

The 'Southern Charm' star reveals her soon-to-be-husband popped the question after taking her and her 8-year-old son Hudson on a belated birthday celebration.

AceShowbiz - Madison LeCroy is engaged to her boyfriend Brett. In a new interview, the "Southern Charm" star admitted that she was "crying like crazy from joy" after her now-fiance popped the question.

The 31-year-old reality star confirmed her engagement to Brett during an Amazon Live event on Thursday, October 14. Opening up more about her new relationship milestone, she told PEOPLE that her fiance popped the question on October 8, after taking her and her 8-year-old son Hudson on a belated birthday celebration.

"I honestly was not expecting it that day. We traveled a lot this summer and I kind of thought it was going to happen around then," Madison recalled. "The next thing you know we come back home and I'm thinking it's just a birthday dinner, and my son's over here jumping around and I turn around and my fiance is down on one knee and proposed to me in my living room. It was so intimate. I've been crying like crazy from joy. [I'm] so excited."

Madison told the publication that she found out Bret has been "sitting on the ring" for a few months and proposed after asking both her parents and her son. "When he asked my son if he could propose, my son said, 'Yeah as long as I'm a part of the proposal.' "

Madison said her son's response "was very sweet." The Bravo star added, "Hudson goes, 'My mom, I know she'd love a limo. So let's get her a limo and take her out to dinner for her belated birthday.' "

Elsewhere in the interview, Madison explained the reasons behind her decision to announce the engagement news during Amazon Live. She believed that it was a way to connect closer to her fans. "I could talk to them and go live instead of just posting a photo," she shared.

Madison and Brett met back in April during an Arizona trip with their friends. She shared, "He chased me out of the restaurant and he's like, 'I got to get your number and I have to take you on a date.' "

The couple then made their love public in June. At the time, Madison shared a series of photos of herself on a boat with Brett in Lake Tahoe, California on her Instagram page. In the caption, she expressed her joy as saying, "Mad happy."

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