'Growing Up Hip Hop' Star Briana Latrise Recalls Being Arrested At Gunpoint During IG Live

The reality star, who is the daughter of Mary J. Blige's ex-husband Kendu Issacs, claims that her 8-year-old son Seven was 'behind her' during the confrontation.

AceShowbiz - Briana Latrise has finally got her freedom back. Having been released from jail after she was arrested at gunpoint during an Instagram Live, the "Growing Up Hip Hop" star took to the photo-sharing platform to recall the ordeal.

The reality star detailed the story during an Instagram Live on Wednesday morning, October 6. "They never said this is LAPD. I've never had [someone] knock on my door and not tell me who the f**k they were," she said before demonstrating her confrontation with police.

Briana then showed her last night's IG Live when police came to her place. She could be heard screaming, "I have everything on camera, I have everything." She then shouted, "What the f**k are you doing?" before a female officer asked for car keys.

When she started to tear up, Briana elaborated, "If the b***h went down the right way and then they were like, 'Oh I need the keys of the cars,' I'd be like, 'Cool so we're going to a court in the morning." She went on to explain, "[But] the police didn't announce themselves."

"My son is behind me," Briana tearfully said of her 8-year-old son Seven. "I'm screaming because my child in the house not knowing what the f**k [is going on]."

Briana claimed there was no warrant issued against her. Luckily, she could reunite with her young child after posting some bond. The TV personality has yet to reveal all her charges. However, it is believed that one charge is for brandishing a weapon.

About Briana, she is the daughter of record executive Kendu Issacs, who married singer Mary J. Blige from 2003 to 2018. Unfortunately, Briana doesn't have a good relationship with her dad. In 2018, she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, "I literally do not have the support of a family and at this point. I wouldn't want it anyway cause I don't trust you people. N***as in the street always treated me better."

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