Dave Bautista Gets Honest About 'Cheap' First Tattoo He Regretted for Years

During an interview on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers', the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star looks back on the very first piece of body art that he had on his butt.

AceShowbiz - Dave Bautista regretted getting his first-ever tattoo just a week after having the inking. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star has several inkings but, looking back on his very first piece of body art, he admits he regretted the move almost immediately.

Speaking on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" on Tuesday, October 5, the star explained he was "really young" and opted to have the inking on his butt so his dad didn't see it.

"My first tattoo, it was when I was really young and I didn't want anybody to see it - I especially didn't want my dad to see it, I didn't want to get in trouble for getting a tattoo, I was pretty young - it was on my a**," the 52-year-old began.

Admitting the tattoo was "really bad" and "cheap", Dave added, "I got it from this old redneck in Arlington, Virginia. He shaved my butt and then he's sitting in a little rolling char and he rolls up to my face and he goes, 'Man, are you sure you want this on you a**?' "

Just a "week or two" after sitting in the tattooist chair, Dave "regretted it."

"I lived with it for years and I got ragged on so much throughout wrestling in the shower, it was like, 'What's that on your a**?' " he recalled. "I finally got it covered up I think around 2007."

Seth then pushed the actor to reveal the design of the tattoo, with the screen star reminding the audience that he was "very young" and it was in the 1980s.

"It was this cement-looking heart and around it, it said, 'Heart of stone,' " Dave laughed. "When I saw it, I was like, 'Man, that's tough.' I'm still living it down, man."

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