Gwyneth Paltrow Comes Up With 'DTF' Female Libido Booster

Promoting her latest Goop product, the actress portraying Pepper Potts in the MCU films promises that the supplement containing Libifem fenugreek extract will 'really help' women.

AceShowbiz - Gwyneth Paltrow has launched a new female libido booster. The "Sliding Doors" actress has taken to Instagram to promote her latest Goop product, a sexual health booster called DTF - an acronym for "down to f**k" - and has promised the supplement will "really help" women.

She wrote, "Everyday stress and anxiety, hormonal changes, exhaustion, ageā€¦ these can impact our libido and sexual health. So yes, we (with our science and research team) created a supplement that REALLY helps. And, yes, we called it DTF. Because, you know, we're @goop [sic]"

A post on Goop's website explained DTF contains Libifem fenugreek extract, which has been "clinically shown to support healthy sexual arousal and desire in women."

The supplement also includes saffron extract for "mood support" and the "traditional female health adaptogen" shatavari. "It's also a vegan, plant-based formula made with no hormones, GMOs, gluten, or soy. For best results, take two capsules daily for at least two months," it was explained in the website.

The website further insisted the supplement is helpful for more than just sex. It stated, "It's not just about sex: It's about supporting our pursuit of more pleasure, more often. And yes, we chose to name it DTF. It can be a joke we share."

On using Goop to launch sex-inspired products, Gwyneth previously said, "Look, I think that our sexuality is such an important part of who we are. And, you know, even the fact, if you think about it, we're on morning television, so we can't talk about female pleasure..."

"It sort of gives you an insight into how, culturally, it's still taboo," the 49-year-old elaborated further. "And one of the things we really believe in at Goop is kind of eliminating shame from these topics."

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