Netflix Criticized for Botched Translation on Hit Korean Drama 'Squid Game'

The poor translation aside, 'Squid Game' is undoubtedly popular that Netflix CEO believes that the series may overtake 'Bridgerton' as the platform's biggest series.

AceShowbiz - Netflix's "Squid Game" is what everyone talking about on Twitter lately. Unfortunately, not all the things being said about the drama are good as some social media users criticize the streaming giant for its lackluster English translation on the Korean dystopian series.

One of the critics, who complained in a lengthy post, writing, "not to sound snobby but i'm fluent in korean and i watched squid game with english subtitles and if you don't understand korean you didn't really watch the same show." Calling the translation "so bad," the person also added, "the dialogue was written so well and zero of it was preserved."

Explaining her TikTok video tackling the matter, the user continued, "i want to do a scene breakdown on tiktok to show you what they could've translated to i might work on it today just so you can see what i mean and see what you missed. such a shame. translation is extremely important."

"Also i want to point out that the reason this happens is because translation work is not respected and also the sheer volume of content. translators are underpaid and overworked and it's not their fault. it's the fault of producers who don't appreciate the art," the user noted.

Echoing the sentiment, someone else tweeted, "no i hated the translations on squid game it stressed me out so much watching it." Another fan added, "if you're watching squid game, know that netflix's eng subtitles are actually pretty botched. It's not even just these few scenes alone, a lot of what they say throughout the show has wrong eng translations."

"smth that rlly bothered me abt the squid game sub translations was whenever that woman (i cant rem her name rn hhh) said oppa, they translated it to babe," one other opined. A disappointed fan, meanwhile, said, "So apparently even the subtitles for Squid Game are not direct or fully correct translations of the characters???? Feels kinda s**t that in the end we still are not experiencing these characters the way they're actually written."

The poor translation aside, "Squid Game" is undoubtedly popular that Netflix CEO believed that the series might overtake "Bridgerton" as the platform's biggest series. "Squid Game" is "an imaginative, unorthodox story in which 456 contestants risk their lives in a mysterious survival game -- involving multiple rounds of childhood games -- for a chance to win 45.6 billion won."

Released on September 27, the 9-part series was written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk ("The Fortress"). It stars Lee Jung-jae ("Chief of Staff"), Park Hae-soo ("Yungnyong-i Nareusya"), Yeong-su Oh ("The Great Queen Seondeok"), Wi Ha-Joon ("The Greatest Divorce"), fashion model Jung Ho-yeon, Heo Sung-tae ("Your Honor"), Anupam Tripathi and Joo-ryeong Kim.

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