Rihanna Leaves Yung Baby Tate in Tears With Support Following Body-Shaming Comments

After the 'I Am' raptress trolls her haters by jokingly saying that she will model for Savage X Fenty, the 'Umbrella' hitmaker reportedly reaches out to the hip-hop star via DM.

AceShowbiz - Rihanna has become a part of Yung Baby Tate's latest emotional rollercoaster as the latter has been fighting body-shamers. The Barbadian songstress has left the female rapper in tears for supporting her amid the countless criticisms regarding her curves.

Yung Baby Tate has been responding to the critics' comments on Twitter when she suddenly brought up Rih and her lingerie line, seemingly to troll her haters. "Y'all gone be so mad when I link with Savage X Fenty in this bomb a** body of mine," so she wrote in a tweet.

The "Rainbow Cadillac" spitter apparently successfully gained Riri's attention with her cheeky tweet as she later claimed that the "Diamonds" songstress has reached out to her via DM. She said in another post, "I'm really crying y'all Rihanna just dmd me."

Yung Baby Tate's body has been scrutinized by social media users after she showed her belly at the Afropunk festival. Unashamed of it, she posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday, September 29 a picture from her weekend performance. In the image, she proudly flaunted her stomach in a leopard-themed outfit.

"As Queen Bey once said, 'wanna see some REAL A$$?! Baby here's your chance!' Shoutout to all my natural bellied bodies," she wrote in the caption. Sharing a message of body positivity, she continued, "I see you, I am you, I love you. No matter WHAT my body looks like, it is MINE and I love it! Please go project your insecurities onto a piece of paper, burn it, and throw it away. Then go look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you are loved."

That, however, didn't stop the critics from targeting her. One of them was musical artist Ayesha Howard, who accused Yung Baby Tate of having "poor eating habits." Believing that embracing natural look is no excuse for unhealthy lifestyle, the musical artist argued, "But even outside of surgery black women we have to stop defending our bad habits! I'm all for being natural and loving the skin you are in but that's not just what a natural body looks like that's a natural body with no discipline, structure and poor eating habits in their lifestyle."

"And she's a performer she should want the best for herself and around it's not just about looks but in her job presentation is everything and she needs to be healthy enough to do it!" she continued taking a jab at the 25-year-old star. "Black woman lose the attitudes and stop making excuses for yourselves you are queens and you should live and practice healthy lifestyles to maintain your health and image PERIOD!!"

Yung Baby Tate later clapped back by writing, "Everyone is saying imma eat the unmarried Ayesha up for her comments on my belly but honestly her life is rocky enough. I think she saw the world 'baby' in my name and got triggered so I'll give her a pass on this beautiful WEDnesday."

In another Instagram post, she posted a video featuring a picture of someone about to explode a balloon with a needle. "When a girl with t1ttee implants talks sh1t about my natural body," she wrote over the clip, referencing Ayesha's previous confession that she had a breast surgery after giving birth to her son Jason.

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