Camila Cabello Left 'So Angry and Sad' by Shawn Mendes During Early Relationship

The former Fifth Harmony member opens up on her frustrations with boyfriend as she had to wait for years for her first kiss with the 'Stitches' hitmaker.

AceShowbiz - Singer Camila Cabello was crushing on boyfriend Shawn Mendes years before they started dating.

The former Fifth Harmony star had the hots for her "Senorita" duet partner long before they first teamed up in the studio and became lovers.

"I remember us being, like, 16 or 17 and a few times - a handful of times - feeling like we were going to this after party or a party and I was like, 'This is the night, this is the night that we're finally gonna kiss and it's finally gonna turn into more than just a friendship,' " she told Genius.

However, things took a lot longer than Camila had hoped, with the "Havana" singer adding she often became "angry" when Shawn ignored her advances.

"In my mind I had these hopes of how the night was gonna play out," she said. "It would end with us taking tequila shots and kissing and falling in love with each other, but it would always end with him being like, 'I got a performance tomorrow, I gotta go to sleep,' and I would just get so angry and so sad."

The "Cinderella" star's frustrations inspired her new song, "Don't Go Yet", "I'd be like, 'Don't go yet. You're not following the script that I wrote in my mind.' So that first verse that I wrote was that scene. I knew it all too well."

"It was so easy for me to write this song because it's such a vivid memory that I have from before my current boyfriend was my boyfriend."

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