Camille Grammer Claims Erika Jayne's 'Good Friend' Spread Rumors About Her Money Issues

A fan asks to the former 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star to give another hit at the Housewife who told her about Erika and Tom Girardi's money issues at Andy Cohen's baby shower.

AceShowbiz - Camille Grammer shares more details about the identity of the Housewife who spread rumors about Erika Jayne's financial woes at Andy Cohen's baby shower in 2019. In a Twitter post, Camille further divulged about the alleged snitcher.

A fan tweeted to the former "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, "@TheRealCamilleG Is there anyway you can tell us or hint to, which Housewife told you about Erika & Tom [Girardi] money issues at Andy's Baby Shower?" Camille caught wind of the question and she appeared to be feeling generous with her answer.

Of the alleged snitcher, Camille said, "A west coast HW." The reality TV star went on to hint, "A so called 'good friend' of hers."

Upon knowing the hints, fans came up with some guesses with many naming Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna. "That narrows it to Kyle or Rinna. #rhobh #rhobhmeangirls," one person opined. Another user wrote, "My bets are Kyle," while someone else believed that "it's def Rinna."

However, someone accused "The Real Housewives of New York City" alum Bethenny Frankel of spreading the rumors to "RHOBH" stars. "[Bethenny] told Rinna and Kyle so pretty much they all knew," the person said. "Big mouths."

Prior to this, Bethenny did say that has been aware of Erika and her then-husband Tom Girardi's yearslong money issues since years ago. In the Wednesday, September 15 episode of her podcast "Just B with Bethenny Frankel", Bethenny claimed that back in 2018, her late boyfriend Dennis Shields told her that Tom owed him $500,000, so when Erika said on the show that she spent $50,000 a month on hair and makeup and had two private planes, she found it unbelievable.

"You know, I was like, that's rolling really deep and that's just a number that would be hard to sustain," Bethenny recalled. "And Dennis said to me, 'He doesn't have it like that. He owes me money. He owes me half a million dollars.' "

Dennis also allegedly told the Skinnygirl founder, "I know this other guy he owes $1.5 million. He doesn't have money. He owes everybody money." She added, "And I go, 'What are you talking about? How is she flying around on the big plane, on the small plane?' "

According to Bethenny, Dennis said, "Because he's using people's money to support her lifestyle. He's using the company's money to support her lifestyle.' ... Dennis was like, 'He owes me money and it aggravates everybody." Dennis also allegedly mentioned that Tom didn't have a choice because "he can't say no to her."

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