Daddy Yankee Calls New Artists Who Are Complaining 'Crybabies' and 'Losers'

The 'Despacito' hitmaker gets honest when asked to give advice to newbies in the music industry as he says he despises new artists who love to complain.

AceShowbiz - Daddy Yankee has no time for "crybabies" starting out in the music industry.

The "Despacito" star sat down in Miami on Wednesday (22Sep21) for "The Superstar Q+A with Daddy Yankee Presented by Samsung Galaxy", and was asked by Billboard VP/Latin Music Lead Leila Cobo what advice he has for any rising artists in the business.

"You want my political answer or my real one?" he began. "I don't speak a lot because they tell me, 'you can't speak like that,' but sometimes I want to."

"The artists that are starting up and are being crybabies, I can't talk to them. A new artist that is complaining, I leave. With all of the platforms now - we started with none of this - you starting now and you're complaining? You're a loser. You have so many things to connect to your public. You have to work."

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Yankee spoke about the huge success of "Despacito", which saw him team up with Luis Fonsi and Con Calma - a collaboration with Canadian reggae singer Snow.

"We gotta work with new and established talent," he explained. "That's the goal: Just work with talented people. It's not just recording with hot artists - which is nice and good - but do things that are unpredictable. Two of the biggest hits of my career were with people that were underestimated. This is what happens when you underestimate a talent: You give them power."

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