DreamDoll Reveals Suspect Is Killed After Trying to Rob Her Driver at Gunpoint

Following the troubling and frightening incident, the 'Ah Ah Ah' hitmaker vows to never come back to St. Louis as saying, 'this state is blacklisted from my bookings.'

AceShowbiz - DreamDoll has detailed an extremely troubling and frightening event that happened in St. Louis, where she hosted a gig. During a livestream, the "Ah Ah Ah" rapper revealed that a suspect was killed after trying to rob her driver at gunpoint.

On Sunday, September 19, the 29-year-old raptress told her followers that her valuables were stolen in a robbery. According to her, someone robbed her security at gunpoint and took off with "everything," including her ID, wallet, Yeezy slides and jewelry.

Her items, she explained, were originally split between two cars but ended up in one vehicle following some confusion. While most of her items were stolen, she shared that she'd managed to hold on to her purse, which she didn't leave in the vehicle.

DreamDoll, whose real name is Tabatha Robinson, refused to leave the scene of the crime until her valuables were returned to her. She then divulged that one of the suspected robbers was killed.

"The n***a got f**king killed," the New York emcee told her fans. "The n***a that f**kin' robbed the car is dead." According to someone heard in the background, the person who reportedly passed away is one of three suspects who might have been behind the robbery.

Following the harrowing incident, DreamDoll vowed, "I will never, ever, ever, ever come back here again, you hear me?" She further stressed, "This state is blacklisted from my bookings. To all my St. Louis fans, I will never be back to y'all city."

DreamDoll's story is the latest robbery targeting hip-hop artists. Back in July, Lil Durk and his girlfriend, India, were in their home in the Chateau Elan neighborhood of Braselton when a group of intruders attempted to break in. In an effort to save themselves, the couple shot at the robbers and a shootout ensued. Durk and India were not injured, but unfortunately, the intruders managed to escape before police officers arrived at the scene.

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