DreamDoll Calls Tory Lanez 'F***ing Lame' for Dissing Her on New Album

Masika Kalysha, J. R. Smith and Chance the Rapper are also among the celebrities who the Canadian hip-hop star disses on 'Sorry But I Had To…', while he gushes over Kylie Jenner.

AceShowbiz - Tory Lanez successfully made headlines following the Thursday, September 25 release of his new album "Daystar". Besides addressing the infamous shooting scandal surrounding him and Megan Thee Stallion, the Canadian rapper also took a jab at several other celebrities that included DreamDoll, who was having none of it.

Mocking DreamDoll's music career, Tory rapped on "Sorry But I Had To…," "Gimme one Dream Doll hit record (Mm), I'll wait/ Ain't no secret, it's your chance, you in every Twitter debate/ And every Shade Room comment like common sense/ Like we be needin' your two cents and all your vents."

Considering how the album quickly sparked buzz among social media users, it was natural that DreamDoll caught wind of what Tory said about her on the song. She was quick to hit back, sharing in a since-deleted post several screenshots of Tory's text messages that found him gushing over her. However, judging by the screenshots, the female emcee never gave him a response.

DreamDoll blasted Tory in the caption of the post, "You been a dub! Since you came for me the first time." She added, "Sadly you could try n diss me again this time for not having a hit but yet my biggest record was exposing your corny a** til dis day. Always coming for females but Keep digging your hole Daystar Peterson you f***ing lame !!!! Man up and go on Live p***yyyyyy. You know the vibes SMDDDD! Bigen Head."

Besides DreamDoll, Tory also dissed the likes of Masika Kalysha and J.R. Smith on the said song while gushing over Kylie Jenner. "Unapologetically, jumped inside a pool and Kylie's face was lookin' heavenly," he rhymed on the song, before calling Chance the Rapper "irrelevant" and adding, "I replaced his line with, 'My chain lookin' Heaven-sent.' "

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