Bring Me the Horizon's Frontman Confronts Inner Demons in New Single

Oli Sykes talks about inspirations behind his band's new song 'DiE4u' and, in the process, opens up about his struggle with substance abuse over the years.

AceShowbiz - Oli Sykes' addiction troubles inspired him to record "DiE4u".

The 34-year-old singer has battled substance abuse over the years, and that experience has helped to inspire Bring Me the Horizon's new single.

He shared, "I'm tackling the song as if this unhealthy obsession I have is a relationship - almost like a mistress."

"I've learned over the past year while I've been recovering that when you're in it, addiction is like you're having an affair. You're doing this thing behind everyone's back, it's a secret and it feels like you're cheating and betraying people. I never saw it in that way. I just thought I was harming myself and not other people."

"I didn't realise how much it can f**k up people's trust."

Oli sees the new single as an acceptance of his personal troubles.

He told NME, "This song is triumphant for me in a way because it's me finally accepting that I'm not someone who can drink alcohol, smoke weed or do any of these things because I just have a problem with it and it always goes down the same road. That's not something that I've been able to admit to myself."

"This song is a defiant stamp of me saying, 'No, I'm making a choice now. I can't keep doing this for the rest of my life because it's only going to end up one way.' "

Oli also revealed that his new work will have a more reflective tone.

He explained, "The topic of the next record is going to be about how as I'm getting older, to ask what are the life lessons that I've learned?"

"What can I give to the next generation or younger people looking up and listening to us? What is it that I can teach? What are the truths I need to learn and accept myself?"

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