Celebrities and Their Viral Doppelgangers
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Thanks to the power of social media, these commoners have caught public's attention and even landed jobs due to their uncanny resemblance to some A-list stars.

AceShowbiz - Twins, by medical definition, are two offspring produced by the same pregnancy. However, for many decades and across the globe, there have been numerous cases where two people or more look so much like one another despite having no blood relation.

While it's not something unusual anymore, such occurrences become more special when one of the distant "twins" are well-known public figures. With the mix of their uncanny resemblance to the stars and the power of social media, these lookalikes have made their own name and some even made money off it.

For you not to be confused the next time you come across them on social media or in public places, here are some of celebrities' doppelgangers who have gone viral.

1. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

Since he was mistaken as Simon Cowell by a number of strangers, Andy Penfold has managed to make money off it. He was signed to a lookalike agency and has been attending numerous charity events as the music and talent show judge. He has also worked with several big U.K. brands such as Thornton's Chocolate and Kerry Foods.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Ashley's resemblance to Taylor Swift has even fooled her own daughter, who thought that the star in "Miss Americana" was her mother. The nurse has often joked about it on TikTok, but she achieved a new level of virality after posting a clip of her old-school laundry routine, which made fans do a double take. "no this is taylor you can't convince me otherwise," one user commented. Reacting to the responses, Ashley wrote, "When millions of people think Taylor Swift does her laundry in her bathtub & don't even think to read the screen name."

3. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has more than one doppelganger. TikTok user Paige Niemann rose to fame with her impression of the "Positions" singer and has more than 10 million followers on the video-sharing site. Jacky Vasquez, meanwhile, is a fan of Ariana who often dresses like the star. While she has received many comments pointing out her resemblance to the former Nickelodeon star, Jacky admitted the reactions were not always nice, forcing her to create a new private account.

4. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

There have been plenty of Ed Sheeran lookalikes over the years, but none appear to have gained attention as much as this one. The social media user, who goes by @edsheerandouble on several platforms, has more than 600k followers on Instagram and over 400k followers on TikTok. The Germany guy, who suggested that his real name is Nic, also performs under the guise of the "Perfect" singer.

5. Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston
AMC/Ben Leuner

Todd W. Barrick Jr. does not only look like Bryan Cranston, but also shares the same fate as his famous character on "Breaking Bad", Walter White. Much like Heisenberg, Walter's alias, he runs into trouble with the law, due to meth-related issue. Once his mugshot was shared by police in Galesburg, Illinois, it was immediately inundated with comments about the felon's eerily similar appearance to the fictional drug dealer.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio
Twentieth Century Fox/Instagram

Konrad Annerud may feel like looking at 20-something-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio when he sees his own reflection in the mirror. While the Oscar-winning actor has physically changed a lot since his "Titanic" days, his Swedish doppelganger looks so much like younger Leo. "You look like young @leonardodicaprio," one person pointed out on social media.

7. Rihanna


When Priscila Beatrice dresses up and puts on some makeup, Rihanna fans may not be able to differentiate her from the real star. The 29-year-old has gained media attention for it and the Barbadian songstress herself has acknowledged it. Joining fans who were marvelled at the two's resemblance, Rih pretended Priscila was her while trolling herself as she asked, "where the album sis #R9," echoing the question that fans often gave to her.

8. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie
WENN/Twitter/Euan Cherry

Angelina Jolie's lookalike finds it hard to believe that she looks like the star. "I don't really see the resemblance myself to be honest," Chelsea Marr wrote on Facebook when addressing the comments she received pointing out her resemblance to the "Salt" star. While the Scottish woman admitted to having had plastic surgeries in some places, she insisted that they were not meant to copy someone's look.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston
WENN/Instagram/Adriana M. Barraza

Jennifer Aniston lookalike is another example who has experienced the power of social media. While she has often been compared to the "Friends" alum, Lisa Tranel blew up on social media after posting a video on TikTok showing her mimicking Rachel Green lines on the hit NBC sitcom. The video has since amassed over 5 million views though she doesn't think that she looks like Jennifer.

10. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Alabama cop Eric Fields has become a sort of local celebrity due to his uncanny resemblance to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. After the Morgan County Sheriff's Department posted photos of the Patrol Lieutenant, Internet users have been gushing about the officer's resemblance to the "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" star. It has since caught the attention of the wrestler-turned-actor himself, who raved, "Oh s**t! Wow. Guy on the left is way cooler."

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